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    Pls hon. Comm. our coaches are not happy with u, since ur resumption of office u have never had an audience or meeting with them, things are u going bad in the sports commission, our reception is taking longer time, coaches are making champs but don’t have anything to show for it, fund made available to them don’t get to them etc pls help out or we use social network help them ourself we the athletes are not happy. Make u help our coaches o….. Governor checkmate the money u give out in the sporting corner ooooooooooo

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    You have made youths speechless with your exclusive government.The youths arround you are contractors,sycophans and poor in ideas.You as representatives of Liyel so poor in your community relations beyond painting official vehicles with a good name.You are after your own pockets,once a youthful comes to you,you steal it or dont follow up.This bad leadership will affect after leaving office.


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