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    I for one, does not see the economic value of this project, which Ayade’s government is trying to wood wink people into believing, is the ultimate project, that will define his government. The EIA submitted by the Cross River State government MUST meet internationally acceptable standard, before this white elephant of a project can commence. For me this project will destroy the ecosystem that Cross River state is well renowned for, worldwide.

    What happened to the deep sea port that was planned for Bakassi? Have we really thought of the economic benefits that a deep sea port in CRS can provide us? Shouldn’t this be a priority project? There are no deep sea port anywhere in the South South, all large vessels coming into Nigeria berth in Lagos, thereby generating huge revenue for the Lagos state government. Importers from the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria would turn the Bakassi deep sea port, into a gold mine for the state. Akpabuyo and surrounding communities will develop at a rate never envisaged by the government. Warehouses will have to be built, hotels and other social amenities will spring up all over the place (look at Apapa in Lagos). The port can also provide RORO (Roll on Roll off) facilities for imported cars into the country, thereby generating massive revenue for the state

    It is easier and cheaper to move goods from Calabar to Aba, Onithsa, Owerri,Port Harcourt e.t.c. than from Lagos. The ripple effect of such a project on the economy of CRS cannot be quantified. What is rush for this super highway all about? Will the CRS government be collecting tolls on this road? Even if it does, can the tolls generated from this super highway, outweigh the benefits of a deep sea port project? I seriously doubt it.

    Something just doesn’t seems right with this project.

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    The transcription is poorly edited. It should be very obvious that “classes” should be “glasses”; “inn” should be “in”; etc., etc.

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      Why are the issue(s) holding back the approval of the EIA not being addressed? I recommend that rather than lecturing stakeholders on non-EIA related issues, please focus on the issues affecting the EIA.

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    what a passionate appeal by his excellency. I pity ekuri people, they have thrown away their future on the ground of partisan politics. it seems other community have no qualms about this project except the ekuri people. I hope in the future when this road is finally completed they will not cry foul and marginalization, as other communities warmly and happily and whole heartedly receive this project. The dream of every community is to have a good access road, i’m just amazed and the same time dumbfounded at the mindset and attitude of ekuri people towards development. I pity the youth of the community who are the leaders of tomorrow, as they and their children will pay the price for the inepititude and cluelessness of their leaders.


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