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    It is said that no society can grow above the level of it’s educational system. A situation where those that should insist on quality assurance in our educational system are becoming complacent, adding momentum to the downward spin of our ailing school system by covering for obviously unqualified teachers is worrisome.
    It is a bad precedence if those without proper qualification are allowed in the classrooms as teachers while hundreds of those with proper qualification are roaming the streets jobless. Mediocrity should never be tolerated in our schools system lest we consign CRS to the dustbin of educational backwardness.

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    I agree with you, Nandi Bette.

    Why embark on such resource depleting exercise of certificate verification only to do nothing at the end? Both the government and union have just demonstrated to all that it pays to commit crimes! They also have demonstrated that they do not stand for quality in education!

    The government should have dismissed those with forged documents and employ new qualified applicants which would have given credence to the exercise and sent a strong message that it is wrong to commit crimes.

    The comment by the State Chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Comrade Eyo-Nsa Itam, is unfortunate. It shows that the union’s objectives are self-serving and are certainly not for the good of thoe being served.

    My question to Comrade Eyo-Nsa Itam is does he or the union supports the government for “removing food from the tables of many families” who are unemployed but possess teaching certificates?


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