CrossRiverWatch Advert Rate

Specification                                                 Amount (N)
Pre article banner                                        30,000 per day
Full Length Mast-head – Static                 20,000 per day
Side Bar – Static                                           10,000 per day
Bottom Bar – Static                                    15,000 per day
Side Bar – Dynamic                                   8,000 per day
Top Bar – Dynamic                                    10,000 per day
Bottom Bar – Dynamic                             12,000 per day
Spot – Static                                                 5,000 per day
Spot – Dynamic                                           3,000 per day
These rates are available only for 30 days per spot payment.
The Front Page goes for          300,000 for 2wks spot minimum while
Special Rates for others packages like Public Announcements, Press Releases, News of Special Interest, News Development and Follow-up, Events Coverage.

CRWatch Resources
Advert hotlines:  08130197233, 08033369335,07051536836 E-mail: [email protected]

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