22-yr Old Newspaper Vendor Clubbed to Death in Calabar
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22-yr Old Newspaper Vendor Clubbed to Death in Calabar

by Vanguard

A Newspaper Vendor, Monday Francis, was clubbed to death in Calabar on Thursday at a drinking joint near his house.

The deceased had gone to the local drinking parlour to take some shots of local gin (Ogogoro) but later had a disagreement with one of his neighbours whose name was given as Eno who allegedly hit him several times on the head and neck with a shovel.

One of their neighbours, Godwin, said that Eno had told his younger brother, Innocent to leave the scene before clubbing the vendor to death. Late Francis poured part of his drinks on Eno before the assailant hit him with the shovel.

The matter was reported at the Federal Housing Police Station.

He said that after that his brother left the drinking joint Eno was said to have pursued him with a stick and hit him several times but when the stick broke into pieces, he hurriedly went home, picked a shovel and hit Francis on the neck and head with the shovel and he immediately slumped and died.

Godwin said that it was the elder brother of the assailant, Gabriel who having seen that Francis had given up the ghost, rushed to the Federal housing Police Station to inform the police of the incident but he was detained by the police when they came and saw that Eno had disappeared to the tin air.

Speaking to Saturday Vanguard, the Grandfather of the deceased Mr. Francis Asagha Etim who is from Ikot Afagha in Oruk Anang Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom, said he was in the house when his grandson was beaten to death.

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