I’m simple but sophisticated —World Miss University 2012
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I’m simple but sophisticated —World Miss University 2012


I am Tobi Phillips. I am 20 years old. I am the current World Miss University. I was selected among beauty queens from various campuses in Nigeria to represent the country in the World Miss University International. I am a 400 level Marine Science student of the University of Lagos. My father is a pilot. We are three; I have a younger brother and an elder brother.

Modelling and beauty pageants

The basic stage of my modelling career started from secondary school when I was crowned the queen of my school. Then, I was in junior secondary school three. When I got into the University of Lagos, there was a hall pageant in 2009 and I was crowned Miss Madam Tinubu Hall, then I was in 100 level. In 2010, I was nominated in my department to contest for Miss Sciences 2010, I did and I won. From there, I had to contest for Miss UNILAG and I came first runner-up in 2010. By 2011, I contested for Sisi Oge Africa and I was the first runner-up. But this year, I became World Miss University, Nigeria 2012.

My edge over others

Everybody had a topic to work on, and mine was on rape. It is a sensitive topic; it must have moved the judges. I think the task was what gave me an edge over the other contestants.


I don’t quarrel, I am easy going. I don’t quarrel because I don’t think I have the energy to argue. I rarely get angry, for me to be, then it means that person must have been a pest and done such a thing over and again. I will just warn the person and say, ‘you have done this before; I don’t want you to continue doing it,’ I tend to forget easily and I have learned to live with people of various characters. Also, I tend to ignore anyone with a nasty character. I like being truthful, I like calm environments. I hate falsehood, I hate being cheated. There are some people who feel they are smart and tend to play on people’s intelligence but I can’t stand that. If you have confidence in yourself, there is no need to tell lies.


My style is simple but with sophistication. Sometimes, I wear a jacket because I like to dress conservatively; if I am wearing a skirt then it means there is a presentation for me. Since I won World Miss University, my dressing has been gowns and other royal regalia. Bum shorts? I don’t like them! I would always modify every other dressing to my own style if need be because I like to look unique. Change anything about me? I don’t think there is any part of me I would like to change because God has made me in a wonderful way, if I don’t have something, I have another thing to show for it; I can’t complain about my shoulders because I have a nice shape to cover up for it. So I just pay attention to that good part of me. I don’t think there is any part of me that I like to change.

Favourite dish

I really do not have a favourite meal. I just like to enjoy whatever my mood wants; so I eat all kinds of food that my taste bud can take.

In the eyes of others

I see myself as an icon and a super role model to the youths. By November 28, 2012, I will be in Korea, for World Miss University International. My preparation starts with grooming and other arrangements, I am just trying and praying hard because without God none of us can succeed.

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