Imoke May Fire Health Centre Management
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Imoke May Fire Health Centre Management

by crossriverwatch admin

There’s trouble in the offing for the management team of one of the Primary Health Centres in Biase Local Government Council in Cross River State.

This is as a result of the persistent demand for money by the staff of the health centre against the free health policy of the Imoke administration for children under five and pregnant women.

Crossriverwatch gathered that it is medical staff who have continued to hamper the effective implementation of the free health policy of the government.

A reliable source in government told crossriverwatch that: “The governor himself has repeatedly said that the medical workers are the biggest obstacles to the implementation of his free health program in the state. As a result, he had to set up a task force on health comprising local government chairmen and traditional rulers to see how some of these constraints could be mitigated.

“There is every likelihood that if the governor returns from his journey over sea, some heads will roll. These PHC workers have refused to key into the governor’s vision and he is simply losing patience with them. Just today, a woman went to one of the PHCs in Biase for treatment and the nurses were asking her for money. Money for what, when government has paid for their treatment?”

The Governor himself in a facebook post on his wall this evening wondered why people always want him to wield the big stick before they can do their job.

He wrote: “Livid with those running one of our health-care centers in Biase who demanded money for treatment from a mother and her 4yr old child today! Our policy on children under 5yrs old and pregnant women are lucid and there for everyone to obey and implement! Why must I be forced to wield the “big stick” before people do their work? What happened to values like trust and basic moral, ethical or social responsibility?

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