Marathon Sex Leads To Death Of Civil Defence Officer In Calabar
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Marathon Sex Leads To Death Of Civil Defence Officer In Calabar


Some officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC in Calabar over the weekend mounted a manhunt for a lady who allegedly had marathon s*x with their colleague, Ofem Eta, during which he died.

According to a source at 2, Orok Ita Street, Big Qua, where Ofem was living before he met his unfortunate death, the man came back from duty on Friday evening and without eating any food went into marathon s*x with the girl and passed away during the act.

“He came back from work and told me he was hungry and I prepared food for him but when I got there, his door was shut and when I knocked he told me to take the food back and bring it later. When I took the food to him later, his door was open and when I knocked he did not answer. When I went in I saw him lying naked on his bed,” the source said.

Ofem who hails from Mkapani in Yakkur Local Government Area is alleged to be fond of having sex with girls never minding he had eaten or not.

“When she came she greeted us but we did not take particular interest in her and when she came out of his room we did not say anything to her because we did not suspect anything unusual until his town girl brought him food,” a neighbor said about the girl who slept with the victim.

“People from his office came here and disturbed the whole street but they could not arrest anybody because the girl went away with his phone,” the neighbour said.

The Public Relations Officer of the NSCDC in Calabar, Mrs Nkoyo Bassey when contacted for comments said: “The man was enjoying himself so that is strictly his personal responsibility and not the Corps’. Have a good day”.

One of the deceased’s colleagues at the Operations unit of the Corps where he worked before his death said there are efforts to track down the lady “but for now we have not arrested anybody”

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