Swaziland Unveils First Female Anglican Bishop MBABANE
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Swaziland Unveils First Female Anglican Bishop MBABANE

Swaziland Unveils First Female Anglican Bishop MBABANE,Swaziland – As the Church of England weighs whether it will allow women to become bishops, the Anglican Church has ordained its first female bishop in

Ellinah Wamukoya, 61, was consecrated Saturday to serve as the church’s bishop in Swaziland, a tiny, impoverished nation surrounded by South Africa that is the continent’s last absolute monarchy. Speaking Monday to the Associated Press, Wamukoya said she wanted to bring integrity to the church.

“I am going to try to represent the mother attribute of God,” Wamukoya said. “A mother is a caring person but at the same time, a mother can be firm indoing whatever she is doing

    • 11 years ago

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