PHCN Demanded N4.2m From INEC to Install N900, 000 Transformer – Igini
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PHCN Demanded N4.2m From INEC to Install N900, 000 Transformer – Igini

by crossriverwatch admin

The Resident Electoral Commissioner in Cross River State, Mr. Mike Igini has accused the staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria of sabotaging the efforts of the federal government to give Nigerians uninterrupted power supply.

The outspoken REC also alleged that some staff of the power company demanded the sum of N4.2m from INEC before they can install a transformer that INEC purchased for only N900,000.

In a statement from INEC obtained by crossriverwatch, Mr. Igini said: “we were told that our transformer was bad and needed to be replaced. Outrageous quotations were brought ranging from N1.2m (200 by 33KVA) to (N1.4M) all refurbished but in Lagos, we secured a brand new (200 by 33 KVA) with cost of transportation at N900, 000.00 to Calabar”.

“To install the transformer, we were asked to pay installation fee of N4.2million by PHCN staff that my staff approached that came to the office or we should go to any of their contractors”.

“Some of the contractors put forward both cost of materials and installation outrageous fees of various amount of monies ranging from N1.8M to N2.4M to install an equipment of less than N900, 000.00”

“In all the quotations, l found a curious item common to all called ”permission to install new transformer” not replacement, ranging from N120,000 to N300,000 and l sought to know why INEC or any consumer would have to pay installation fees of an equipment that enables PHCN generate revenue”

“No clear explanation was given but we were told that if we refuse to pay this money PHCN would not connect us. At a point they requested that we should write application to Port-Harcourt for approval to install – all aimed at frustrating us. All these while l was in touch with the Chairman of NERC who insisted we should not part with a dime.”

The INEC Commission wondered that what was essence of public policy particularly in a sector like power that is key to the developmental take off of Nigeria and potential for job creation if workers of the same sector are sabotaging all genuine efforts to get the power sector right?

He said: “How do we implement public policy if the implementers are not interested in the common good but personal or group interest. Is it the chairman of NERC, minister or the president that should also come to implement power sector reform policies in Cross River State or in all the states where this sabotage is going on to the detriment of the expectations of Nigerians that need steady power supply ? Why are we working against the progress of our own country”?

“Why all these sabotage and why are we undermining ourselves when we all know that if we get the power sector right the speed with which Nigeria would attain greatness given its potentials would be like the speed of a rocket? Why should salaried public servants of a government agency demand for gratification or bribe from another government agency to perform government public service to the people?”

Meanwhile, crossriverwatch gathered that operatives of the State Security Service in the State, on Sunday, December 2, arrested a licensed contractor with Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, in Calabar over alleged attempt to defraud Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC of N200, 000 as permission fee to facilitate the installation of the newly acquired transformer.

The licensed contractor by the Ministry of Power, a representative of Effanga Electrical Nigeria Limited, Chief E. E Akpanika, had, after collecting N200, 000 said to be fee for permission to install the transformer acquired by INEC after being in darkness for about two years was arrested by officers of SSS on the orders of the REC.

    • 12 years ago

    N141 is the lowest price PMS must be sold to avoid eoniomcc problem and that deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry is irreversible ;the same government has not only reduced the price of PMS to N97 ,but did so by going back on its word on the innevitability of deregulation. Labour that insisted on reversal of PMS from N141 to N65 has also backed down saying the N97 price was “forced on us”. The former NLC president and avowed antagonist of fuel subsidy removal is now a protagonist of the same as a governor, a prospective beneficiary and a member of the committee to sell the doctrine of subsidy removal to Nigerians and pull the wool over our eyes. Former ministers and governors who once presided over our affairs and contributed to our present predicament now join us in protests.Food for thought.Reuben Abatti whose pen was known to correct the ills in government as a true representative of the press now defends what he used to oppose.Livy Ajuonoma! are you still in NNPC? Your voice is now drowned by the opulence of government living. As at the time of writing , i do not know how many people are changing camps from protagonists and antagonists. My fellow nigerians, dont put your trust is man. The bible says ” cursed be the man who puts his trust in man and whose heart departs from the Lord”. Put your trust only in the Lord who said :……and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”..Rev.22.2. The healing of the economoy will come first by a spiritual disinfecting of the corrupt office holders and representatives. Let us continue to pray for the true healing from the Lord.

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