Seven Tips to Enjoying Valentine’s Day on a Shoe-string Budget
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Seven Tips to Enjoying Valentine’s Day on a Shoe-string Budget

Valentine Lovers
Valentine Lovers

culled from Premium Times

The tips could be useful to anyone

Valentine’s Day has become the proving ground for many relationships. But just how can one day be filled with so much promise and, at the same time, such potential for disaster? The answer stares us all in the face-financial constraints.

In many climes around the world especially Nigeria, Valentine’s Day is not one that many lovers look forward to celebrating every year, especially with the economic situation in the country. A popular joke has it that the average guy will find a way to break up with his girlfriend, days, weeks or sometimes months before the ‘D’ day.

For some Smart Alecs, all they need do is ensure they pick up a quarrel with their lover prior to the celebration or simply find a way to get rid of extra handbags.

The good news, however, is that an individual does not need to break the bank before he or she can spend quality time with a loved one on Valentine’s day as there are various ways love can be shared or shown without stretching your wallet or budget.

It is best to adopt a new way of thinking: finance does NOT equal romance.

We hope you find the following tips useful, bearing in mind, “the amount of money you spend does not equate to how much you love your spouse.”

1-The Love Stroll

With a digital camera handy, an inexpensive meal at a decent restaurant and ample walking space, this is a done deal. Due to anticipated rush hour and traffic on Valentine’s Day, you can choose a preferred park in advance. The best time of the day would no doubt be late afternoon or early evening. Walking hand in hand, see the stroll as an opportunity to talk about your dreams, life and love. In between chatting, take turns taking pictures of sites, nature and of each other., suggests that “Once your romantic stroll comes to an end, find a comfy inexpensive spot to eat and view the pictures. Later, make an album to commemorate your “love stroll.”

2 -Shut Down

As difficult as this might sound or appear, especially for the busy executive, disconnect from the outside world. Begin the night before by turning off your phone, television, computer and alarm. Your only concern for your “disconnect to connect day” should be eating, napping, relaxing and each other. Spend the day in bed, play games, read to each other, have a pillow fight, watch movies, have a heart-to-heart talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

3 -Play the Games

Use the timeless appeal of fun-filled games to your amorous advantage. Whether Twister, Scrabble, strip poker, or backgammon is your thing, create special Valentine’s Day rules to foster romance and play. For example, your revised Scrabble game rules might call for only words that relate to love, romance, or relationships.

4 -Watch Romantic Movies

Share a bowl of popcorn and pop a movie that you’re dying to see or an all time favourite movie or blockbuster. You can also relive your early dating days by watching the first movie you ever watched together.

5 -Moonlit Walk

After a hearty meal together, stroll with your lover under the moon for a romantic night out. Head toward a nearby park or beach and gaze at the stars. You can also choose to wander aimlessly and explore new routes.

6 -Revisiting Memories

It’s time to bring out your old albums and scrapbooks and reminisce over your photo memories! If you prefer to go digital, compile a Flickr album of your pictures and click through them together with your partner

7 -Cooking For Two

Eating home-cooked meals sure beats those pricey meals at restaurants. Stay in and cook with your partner, and try new dishes if you’re feeling adventurous.

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