Communal Crisis Averted in Abi LGA Over Rape of 12yr Old Girl

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Scene from the recent communal crises in Abi LGA
Scene from the recent communal crises in Abi LGA

by crossriverwatch admin

What could have been a bloody communal clash between the people of Ediba and Usumutong in Abi Local Government Area was averted on Monday by the combined effort and quick intervention of the Police, the Cross River State Security Adviser and the Chairman of Abi local government.

Crossriverwatch gathered that an Usumutong man raped a twelve year old girl from Ediba in the farm during the week and allegedly damaged her private parts. When the report of the incident got to the people of Ediba, their youths were said to have quickly mobilized and blocked the major road in the community wielding dangerous weapons and beating up every Usumutong indigene on sight.

A former councilor from Usumutong who went to broker peace in Ediba was manhandled and had his vehicle vandalized by the irate Ediba youths who were spoiling for war with their neighboring community.

Crossriverwatch further gathered that it was the quick intervention of the Mr. Bassey Rekpene, the State Security Adviser who personally went to Ediba and spent several hours going from door to door, urging the Ediba youths to allow the government to deal with the perpetrator of the alleged rape and not take laws into their hands.

He was said to have succeeded in pacifying the Ediba youths and security agents to have moved in forestall further threat to the peace of the neighboring communities.

The Chairman of Abi was also said to have moved swiftly to get the Usumutong people to identify the rapist who unconfirmed reports say has been arrested and is in police custody.

When crossriverwatch contacted the Police Public Relations Officer in Cross River State, DSP John Umoh, he said: “There was a report like that but the situation has been brought under control. I want to caution that people should express restraint whenever issues arise and not to take laws into their hands. People should follow the law and report their grievances to law enforcement agents, as no human society develops by violence”.

It will be recalled that last month, over two thousand people were rendered homeless in Abi Local Government in the communal crisis that engulfed Adadama in Abi and the neighboring Ikwo local government in Ebonyi State over land boundary.

In the invasion, about fifteen persons including women were slaughtered with some decapitated by the Ikwo invaders and their bodies are still lying in the mortuary.

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18 commentsOn Communal Crisis Averted in Abi LGA Over Rape of 12yr Old Girl

  • CrossRiverWatch Admin,

    Please limit comments on issues published on your web site to CURRENT publications. All comments on an event/issue should be closed after two (2) months from when the event took place.

    Also, some readers use the comments section of your web site to advertise their services. Please put an end to such a sneaky practice.

    Moderator, please take note.


    Abel, please, take time and ask some of your elders the truth about that land, you are young and you don’t know the history of that land, The bible says, do not remove the old land mark.
    Heaven is a witness, earth is a witness, the land itself, call mother earth is also witness to it’s ownership. if you fight for a land that is not yours, the land, call mother earth will consume you. you can not cheat nature.
    man may forget but God does not forget. The sins of the father will be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations.
    Ediba be wise.
    God help the bahumono nation

  • i dont fynk ani ediba soul is ment to b alive for d damages caused, y nat u accept defeat n surrenda for once?

  • Ediba is a land of peace.some pple always give out wrong information to da public.Ediba land,ever since i was born, is a land of all i know is,let gov stop dis mess.else,usumutong will lost theirs again as the order village.usumutong,be wise.

  • Stop feeding people wit wroght fects.d source of dis write up is not true,d car burn was own by Ediba person n it was burn in d village of usumumu people,

  • This is my vision! Peace can only be in Bahumono once Ebom/Ebijakara settled their differences and the people of Ebijakara peacefully return to their father’s land.

  • Pls my gud pple of bhahumono nation, lets be united. Forgve d offender coz we are one. God blez u all.

  • “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, Bahumono nations should accept the fate designed by the supreme and divine law of nature for a peaceful and simple coexistence of the masses. Usumutong per se may look vulnerable to all men but refused to be cheated or defeated. fighting will do us no good but rather slow our development as well as debasing our reputations!. Mind you, “the biter is sometimes bit”.

  • Usumutong will always try bt will always lose. Go bring dem dere will all fall, dere knw wht am sayin…. Say de truth

    • miss suzy or wat eva ur name is, wen men are toking, u shuldn’t tok, i dnt fynk ur even qualified to comment on dis cus frm d luk of tynx, ur still struggling wit ur sec skul edu, ur gramatical xpression has a pruv of dat, u nid a rebrand of grama, an advise frm a concerned

  • God will punish usumutong poeple for their evil, government have to said something and stop hiding the true. They are the cause of all these problem in bahumono land, they know the true but they will not do anything.

  • Now usumutong have hired people from outside who will come and assist them fight Ediba. As am telling you right now the strangers are in their Land.

  • U should be a fool for turning the truth up side down. Usumutong man raped a 12 year old girl in the bush. It was reported to the police that same day, then the next day when Ediba former councilor Honourable Farator Robbinson went for wake keeping in Usumutong, he was beaten by Usumutong people and his car was destroyed by them. ”Stop feeding the world with wrong information.” Even that day that the girl was raped there was no road block by any Ediba person. Who ever you ever u are, enough of this fake information! God will punish u for hinding the truth.

  • I wonder why the government wl always put their hands bound,until things wl go wrong, before trying to fix them up.the people of usumutong have since 2005 not let the people of ediba to rest. before the deadly ebom-ebijakara war of 2006, usumutong people had already prepared for war against the ediba people for a piece of land belonging to the people of ediba and the usumutong people knows it that,the land belong to Ediba people.yet they tronged still to fight the people of Ediba over that same land. hw many years now?and the government had done nothing to that effect.yet ediba people embrassed peace and stil took usumutong people like brothers and sisters,aside other things including stealing of cassava,yams and other farm produce from ediba people and other neightbouring villages,raping Ediba young girls in d farm, matcheting and killing two men in d bush,who on earth can endure all this barbaric act. but I believe usumutong people dont like the people of
    Ediba,so!!!!!!.you know what I mean?

  • always be well informed before reporting even if you are paid to do so,

  • The information is turn upside down….. Ekpokan 1

  • always be truthfull in making public report, u r now telling me dat hon. Farathor is no longer frm Ediba but Usumutong, why was he car vandalised in usumutong? In making public reports try n be truthfull n stop feeding the masses wit fake report

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