Take Bribe, Go to Jail – Mike Igini Warns New INEC Staff
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Take Bribe, Go to Jail – Mike Igini Warns New INEC Staff

Mike Igini – Resident Electoral Commissioner, Cross River State
Mike Igini - Resident Electoral Commissioner, Cross River State
Mike Igini – Resident Electoral Commissioner, Cross River State

by crossriverwatch admin

Barrister Mike Igini, the Cross River State Independent Electoral Commissioner has warned twenty six newly recruited staff posted to the Cross River State Independent Electoral Commission to desist from any unwholesome activity because any of them caught taking bribe to compromise the outcome of election or any electoral activity in the state would not only be dismissed but also be made to serve jail term.

He told the new staff that by opting to work in the Commission, they have chosen a career whose pay may not be equal to that of an oil company “but if you think the time of election is when you get the pay which oil workers get, then I can assure you that we will not only get you out of here but make sure you get to jail and serve the number of years that your actions would attract”.

Igini who was addressing the newly recruited staff at the INEC headquarters in Calabar said that Cross River State has since 2011 attained a reputation for the conduct of free and fair elections and therefore he will not fold his hands and watch any person rubbish that legacy which has been built just for personal pecuniary interest.

“Any where you go in this country and introduce yourself as coming from Cross River State you get immediate respect; this is because of the effort of your senior colleagues who are here, therefore, we want you to build on what we have and not destroy it”.

Barrister Igini who said he just came back from Kenya where he went to observe the just concluded presidential elections in that country told the new staff that having sworn to an oath of allegiance they must live up to that oath and cut off any relationship with any political party or politicians who will tempt them to do the wrong thing during elections.

“If my father wants to contest an election, I will wish him well and tell him what to do in order to meet the rules and regulations of the game but if he fails, I will announce that he has failed because that is the result and not seek to subvert it because he is my father, I want you to have the same spirit”.

The INEC Commissioner said Nigeria has the right institutions but for a long time those charged with functioning and keeping those institutions functional have not done the right thing that is why the present crop of functionaries in INEC are building the commission to meet the standard other countries have attained in the conduct of elections.

“We are passionate about what we are doing for this country that is why we are building the commission to the standard long attained by other nations so no one should think he can come here to destroy what we are building. Nobody in this State, not even the whole country will save you; but we will ensure you get to jail”. He said.

He however assured the new staff that they would be protected if they do the right thing and somebody wants to intimidate them. The Commission he declare would give them continuous training and engagement to put them in the right standing to properly do the job.

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