My Husband Defiled our Daughter – Wife, I Did Not, She is Insane – Husband
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My Husband Defiled our Daughter – Wife, I Did Not, She is Insane – Husband

Wondaful Faith Uquak
Wondaful Faith Uquak
Wondaful Faith Uquak

by crossriverwatch admin

The police at the Federal Housing Calabar, the Cross River State capital are investigating the veracity of a report by a house wife, Mrs Ifeyinwa Uquak, alleging that her husband, Pastor Edward Uquak , serially defiled their six year old adopted daughter, Wondaful Faith Uquak.

The 17 year old childless marriage between the couple who reside at F Line, House 12, Federal Housing Calabar is now threatened as Ifeyinwa has moved out of the house on fear that her husband would carry out his threat to kill her for exposing his deeds.

In a hand written statement to the police at the Federal Housing police station in which she attached the names of the medical doctors who examined baby Wonda, “sexual defilement of little Miss Wondaful Faith Uquak by her foster father, Edward Uquak”, the lady alleged that on the 12th of December 2012, she went out for shopping and on her return, she met “Wondaful looking very weak and tired as all of us were seated in the parlor I then called her to come close to me so I could find out what the problem was and as she came close I perceived an odour coming from her body so I removed her pant and observed some slimy white substance coming out of her private part and I said ‘honey look at our daughter’s bom bom, it is bringing out some wet smelly substance”.

She said she was surprised with her husband’s response that “Is she not a woman? After all a woman’s bom-bom is supposed to bring out whitish substance and I was not happy with that statement”.

Ifeyinwa who is a secondary school teacher with the Cross River State government said that night she decided to keep vigil and brought Wondaful to her room in order to observe her and take her to the hospital the nest day. “Prior to this time, Edward had thrown me and my things out of our matrimonial room and now sleeps with our girl child Wondaful under lock and key”.

She said she told her husband that the girl was not going to sleep with him that night but that she would sleep in her room that night but her husband’s response to that was “she is not your daughter but mine, Elizabeth my twin sister gave her to me to play with so you cannot stop her from sleeping with me”.

Ifeyinwa who is a member of the God’s Chosen Church said that night she dressed the girl in Chosen apron and took her to bed and retired to the parlor herself to have her all-night prayer session but “At 11pm , Edward opened the door to my room and with a torch light, he opened Wondaful’s bom-bom and was dipping his fingers into her private part when I went in and saw what he was doing and challenged him ‘what are you doing with my daughter’s bom-bom and he again said she is not your daughter but mine”.

The lady said she stood her grounds that her husband would not touch the girl’s private part in her presence and he said he would then take the girl back to his room “but I challenged him that if he tried it he would know that I am an Igbo lady and so he went back to his room”.

Still bent on taking the girl to his room,, Ifeyinwa said at about 4.30 am her husband came out of his room and “had sex with me in a very brutal manner and went back to his room. Suffice to say I have never denied him sex even when I am on fasting period”.

She said at about 5.30 am she went into the kitchen to heat bathing water and prepare the meal they were to eat before leaving to school and “thirty minutes later when I was almost done with the cooking I came out from the kitchen and went into Edwards room to ask him what he would eat, I was surprised to see Wondaful who was sleeping in my room on Edward’s bed with her legs wide open with the apron my Pastor, Lazarus Mouka had blessed raised up and Edward right on top of her”.

She said she started screaming when she beheld the sight and Wondaful jumped out of the bed crying “That day I was ready to die for my daughter’s sake and I was thoroughly beaten by Edward and he tried to strangle me since we were upstairs nobody came to rescue me, I managed to grab his testicles very tight and he shouted and let go off me and I made for the backdoor and ran down stairs -that was when neighbors started gathering”.

The lady said she made for the Federal Housing Police Station and reported the matter and a female police officer went with her to the house to get Wondaful and examined her in the station and “Saw sperm in her private part and confirmed that the girl had been sexually assaulted”.

She said she also reported the incident to the head teacher of Navy Primary School, Federal Housing, Wonda’s school, Lt. Adeyemi and she was asked to take the girl to the Navy Hospital, Moore Road “Where she was examined and confirmed that it was true and referred me to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital where e she was again examined and tests carried out. “Eight tests were carried out for various diseases and discovered that she had an infection and was placed on antibiotics. “Edward keeps telling people that I am mad and that they should ignore me whereas all these things happened and it is the truth”.

The girl was taken to Elizabeth Uquak, the twin sister of Edward who is the Director, Orphanages in the Ministry of Women Affairs who later returned her to the Orphanage home from where she was adopted following complaints by Child Protection Network about the propriety of taking her to Elizabeth who lives in the family home where Edward could have access to her.

When Elizabeth Uquak was contacted at the Ministry of Women Affairs she said Barrister Patricia Endeley, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social development is aware of the matter and had advised her and Edward to go to court . “This girl that Ifeyinwa is calling her daughter and she claims she loved so much did she tell you I was the one that arranged her for them or is it anybody’s fault that she did not give birth?”.

She went further to ask if “Ifeyinwa told you that she had been an inmate in the psychiatric hospital before”.

When Edward Uquak was contacted, his anger knew no bounds “which journalist are you? What is your business in the matter? This is a family matter and you are putting yourself in it better get out before I deal with you”.

Sweating profusely, he dared “I will show you and after that you will not meddle into people’s business anyhow because you will not live to tell the story”.

The Cross River State Police Command spokesman, DSP John Umoh said he was yet to be briefed on the matter while a source at the Federal Housing Police Station who claims he is permitted to speak to the press said the matter was still under investigation.

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