Cross Riverians Applaud CrossRiverWatch
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Cross Riverians Applaud CrossRiverWatch

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A cross section of Cross Riverians have applauded crossriverwatch for their unbiased reportage and objectivity in their stories.

In a random opinion sampling conducted by the paper across the state, some respondents accused crossriverwatch of sensationalism and advised the editorial team to sit up. Majority of the respondents however applauded the paper and described it as the most credible alternative media to what presently obtains in the state.

Some of the respondents are quoted below:

Mr. Mathias Amgba, Personal Assistant, Media to Works Commissioner, Legor Idagbo:

Crossriverwatch is actually going by it tenets – I mean the name. You people are just unbiased in journalism. I think that is the real modern journalism. The paper will soon become a household Newspaper in Cross River State. Please I urge you people to keep it up. Please I want you to step up to the areas of sensitizing the public especially Cross Riverians.

Let them see and be aware of the various government policies and programs and other lofty opportunities domiciled in the state such as General Electric, Wilmer and other agricultural opportunities so that people can take the advantage and key into the system and better their lives.

Steven Oko, Protocol Officer to the Speaker of CRSHA:

CrossRiverWatch is a wonderful innovation in Cross River State. Very soon, the state owned newspaper, the Nigerian Chronicle will not find the means of contending you people in the state again. It is a lofty and unbiased idea. That Crossriverian who was killed in Akwa Ibom State and you people reported it, I was shocked and amazed based on the fact that you people have spread your tentacles so wide within this short period. If you people continue like that, the sky will be your starting point I know.

Sunday Edu, Calabar Resident:

The good thing about the paper, CrossRiverWatch is that the paper presents unbiased information. Unlike the other ones that either preach or praise the existing government or politicians who have paid them hugely, the CrossRiverWatch seems to give the true situation of events. The paper is too raw I can tell you. I thank God for the people, for the boldness I see in the paper. I encourage you to keep it on.

Mr Edet Edet, Newspaper Vendor:

People do not ask for it. I don’t know why. The paper is not popular in Cross River State. May be with time it will become.

Hon. Legor Idagbo, Cross River Commissioner for Works:

Well, I wish that you should improve on the quality. Try also to verify most of the information before you publish pls. Try to make copies spread widely for the benefit of others too.

Christian Ita, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Imoke

CrossRiverWatch in 8 months has done well. It has established itself as a veritable platform through which Cross River Activities are illuminated. We are pleased with the work they are doing and can only wish them to grow from strength to strength.

Innocent Attah Esq., Cross Riverian in Diaspora

CRW, you are doing a great job. Thumbs up!!! At least, we that are in Diaspora are really being touched about what is happening in our dear State. Please never relent in all your good efforts. Thanks guys!!!!

Angela Eta, Hotelier

Your people are going really great. I just pray that you don’t get sucked into the system after some time and lose steam because that is usually the trend here. Almost all the reporters and correspondents in the state have been compromised and this is a ray of hope. The team should remain steadfast and know that they can only get return on their investment only if they are willing to hold on.

Oto-Obong Essien, Legal Practitioner

It is a daunting task you people have given yourself. You are not doing badly with the challenge of balancing the stories. But it will be interesting to see how you do in the years ahead. A lot of interest should also be given to developmental journalism so as to create awareness about the opportunities in the state.

CrossRiverWatch, published its first online article on August 27, 2012 and has since then consistently kept Cross Riverians both at home and in diaspora abreast of socio-political developments in Cross River State. The online edition has since crossed 580,000 visits with over three million content views and average of six thousand daily visits.

The hard copy edition started monthly in April, 2013.

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