Windstorm Kills One, Displace 6000 in Cross River
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Windstorm Kills One, Displace 6000 in Cross River

PHCN utility poles crashed by the windstorm
PHCN utility poles crashed  by the windstorm
PHCN utility poles crashed by the windstorm

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Devastating wind storm over the weekend wrecked havoc in six communities in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, killing a JSS three student of Budda Comprehensive Secondary School, Janet Atsu and pulling down houses, economic trees and electric installations following a torrential down pour.

The storm which began at about 4pm on Saturday May 18, swept away everything on its path. At the last count over 350 houses including two secondary school buildings had their roofs pulled off or the edifice completely pulled down.

The devastation has effectively displaced over 6, 010 persons, leaving a telecommunication mast badly damaged and electrical installations destroyed.

The storm also shattered about 3,000 PHCN poles with cables left scattered everywhere. Consequently, public power supply to the affected communities has been disrupted.

At the time of this report, some villages, including Ntamante, Okundi, Ishiagurube, KakwagomIruan were plunged into darkness

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Janet Abang, the Aunt of the late Janet said three of them, the deceased, a 9 year-old girl and herself were scurrying to return from the farm located in the Boki forest when the storm started pulling down trees.

According to her, they escaped from several fallen trees but unfortunately two trees falling from both side of the path fell on them, giving late Janet a number of deep cuts on her head which led to her death.

“We were along the path hurrying home when two trees fell simultaneously from both sides of road on us. When I recovered minutes later I noticed Jany (Janet) lying sideways and when I turned her over I discovered two deep cuts on her head. And before rescuers could reach us, she had painfully died in my own arms.”

Mrs Abang narrates in tears as she sat on a mat with other mourners who were trying to console her and the family.

Another victim of the wind storm, Obi Balim Obi, 45, said she and the entire family were in the house when suddenly the roof of the house was lifted 20 meters high about before being swept away, crashing it at a nearby building.

“We thank God that we all survived. It was like a movie” she lamented.

A traumatized 95 year-old Regina Onabe had her three-room apartment completely pulled down, exposing her to adverse weather conditions.

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