Cross River Female Lawmaker Beats Up Police Woman
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Cross River Female Lawmaker Beats Up Police Woman

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hon udak

Hon Uduak Akiba, the member representing Calabar Municipality in the Cross River State House of Assembly and Chief Whip of the House once again lost her temper today and beat up a police woman, Corporal Irene Ani for asking her not to park at a reserved lot in the Assembly quarters.

According to an eye witness who is a senior staff of the assembly who pleaded not to be mentioned, the police woman simply approached the lawmaker and pleaded with her not to park her official car at a portion marked reserved but the law maker refused.

The eye witness said the police woman insisted with plea that she was under directive not to allow any other car to park at the place but the lawmaker who is known to be very temperamental went ahead and parked, alighted from her car and flared up, asking who gave her such directive.

“When the police woman tried to explain and enforce the directive, Hon Akiba punched and slapped her several times on the face and dragged her by the neck, warning the officer to respect her as a senior legislator who has the same rights and privileges like any of her colleagues”, the eyewitness said.

“The law maker’s irrational and violent behavior attracted attention of other policemen and staffers. Many other legislative officers were unhappy and felt embarrassed by the lawmaker’s attitude”.

It would be recalled that early in her first tenure, Hon. Akiba was reported in the media to have publicly engaged a in a brawl with a fellow lawmaker, Dr. Pauline Ekuri whom she once served as personal assistant in an airplane from Abuja over issues of seniority and respect.

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