HIV-AIDS Control: Imoke Sad Over Poor Results
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HIV-AIDS Control: Imoke Sad Over Poor Results

by crossriverwatch admin

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Senator Liyel Imoke, the Cross River State governor says he is not impressed with the results of efforts to stem the HIV AIDS scourge in the State.

The Governor told stakeholders during a workshop on how to respond to the pandemic held recently at the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, Calabar that he is worried that the target set by the state in the reduction of scourge has not been met even with the huge resources invested by the state in that regard.

“We should look at where we are and ask ourselves if what we have done is enough and find out why we have failed”.

Senator Imoke said the state has invested enough in terms of infrastructure and funds to achieve result but the disconnect amongst the donors, NGOs and government agencies has kept the state far below it target. “We have over 800 health facilities well staffed, trained local staff and traditional birth attendants, provided test kits yet not much results have been achieved”.

He called on the stakeholders to do more and achieve the much desired result. “You can list your challenges but that should not include money because we have invested more than enough resources”.

The governor called on them to brainstorm and get the needed approach that will achieve the needed results. “It is only through a well coordinated and integrated effort that we can reduce the HIV AIDS prevalence.” he admonished.

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    • 11 years ago

    Our governor is trying.we thank God for Imoke

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