Imoke Sacks 145 Traditional Rulers
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Imoke Sacks 145 Traditional Rulers

Vacant Throne, Crown and Staff of office

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Vacant Throne, Crown and Staff of office
Vacant Throne, Crown and Staff of office

A gale of dismissal of traditional rulers has swept through two local government areas in the central senatorial districts of Cross River State.

One hundred and forty five traditional rulers were relieved of their status and their certificates of authority declared null and void following what Senator Liyel Imoke the governor of the state terms “partisan role and failing to live up to their responsibilities and stopping inter communal conflicts which resulted in loss of lives and property in their respective areas”.

Mr. John Eyikwaje, the governor’s Special Adviser on Chieftaincy Affairs said the governor was angry about the role played by the traditional rulers and has ordered their immediate sack.

He said the clan heads and chiefs of the following villages in both Yakurr and Obubra are affected by the order: Adun clan, Oderega, Ekoma, Eko 1 and 11, Ebo 1 and 11, Ogbokora, Eganarim, Muwane, Evokwadem and Otaba.

Along with the Ababene clan head are the chiefs of the villages of Ababene, Opubantam, Akoro, Aranga,Okparangwu, Itatona, Mbem, Oyong, Awuma, Uboknikode, Igbabonghe, Ogbaka, Ekona, Ebingha, Egor, Ayontomoh, Otasi, Ijerewot, Ejirika and Ewama.

In Obenben clan, seventeen chiefs with the clan head were affected. These villages are: Obubem, Ahana, Itamekog, Oranghatem, Akwat, Ivaoke, Ogbong, Ebona, Eyube, Egbeyinka, Eganarin, Oghanawon, Ogbakwuru, Kangha,Oyengha, Ayigba, Owuwemtem.

The Ovat clan communities whose chiefs were sacked include Ofat Akon, Owomodim 11, okpubang, Ibam, Okumedo, Odereghakwepa, Ogada, Itura, Ofrekpe, Nkwumor, Oron, and in Ofodua clan also in Obubra are Ofudua, Waterside, Ofodua, Inland, Oyinkpindem, Ijouda, Ochikpor, Imughe, Otingha, Ntingha, Ekoma, Obegha, Ovaregba, Ovaregbe, Ivarowonoke, Ivaobeten, Ivaenang.

Also in Obubra the clan head of Onyadama along with the chiefs of nine villages lost their status. The villages include Onyadama Ibami, Ovomodin, Oyatana, Egbei, Evamma, Otaketem, Ogbangi 1, Ogbangi11, Ukinikini. In Ovonum clan these villages had their chiefs swept away along with the clan head. Ovonum, Ofatura, Iva Awonokpe, Adidona, Okoih, Ofana Edidoro, Sakonde, Nnadumeh, Okipe 1 and 11, Ochiworo, Abhosokom, Omurogwuno, Abiben, Owusa, Agoma, Ivaova, Ovunumtem.

Those in Ovukwa clan include Ovukwa, Etomo, Kekakwong, Otabem, Ofankang, Obep, Owoneta, Ayoenang, Onowott, Abayogho, Okwok, Otam, Orangha1 and 11.

In Obhane clan, Imoke removed the chiefs of Osini, Onongha, Ofonekan, Okoi, Okpechi, Okwok, Omereruk, Ogbonghono, Oyeruk, Okomonuk, Ofakpa, Obhahe and Obrenyi.

It will be recalled that in April 2013, inter communal conflict between Nko in Yakurr LGA and Onyadama in Obubra LGA claimed many lives and property while on June 4, 2013 another conflict between Adun and Inyima left over ten persons dead and over fifty houses including schools and health facilities destroyed in Inyima.

Mr Moses Abeng Onor representing Obubra 1 in the State House of Assembly was arrested and detained for allegedly arming the Adun people who invaded Inyima following a quarrel over cassava.

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