Cross River Road Maintenance Agency Repairs 20km of Bad Roads
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Cross River Road Maintenance Agency Repairs 20km of Bad Roads

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The Cross River State Road Maintenance Agency has since its creation in 2009 worked on over twenty kilometers of devastated portions of roads in Calabar metropolis.

Mr. Tom Agi, the Director General in charge of the agency stated in Calabar on Wednesday that along with the rehabilitation work on failed portions of the roads in the metropolis, the agency has also removed over one million tonnes of garbage from drainages and reconstructed some gutters which have collapsed.

Mr. Agi who was briefing the media on the activities of his agency in the past one year stated that traffic flow has been greatly eased in the cities in the state by the constant patching of potholes and craters on the roads and in 2013, the agency hopes to cover over 40km in road repair.

“In addition to Calabar, contractors have been mobilized to sites in the central and northern parts of the state to work on failed portions of the road to bring government closer to the people”.

He said as a tourist state that has purposefully developed and constructed well paved roads fitted with medians that have ornamental trees, the agency ensures that any deterioration on any portion of the roads in the state is timely repaired.

“Ancillary infrastructure such as bridges, gutters, drains, median, sidewalks, and road direction are given immediate attention once any deterioration occurs.

“We have a rapid response team, we have procured equipment to ensure that workers are mobilized to site for immediate intervention on our roads to keep them pothole free”

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