Exemplary Leadership and Sacrifice: The Victor Ndoma Egba Example BY PETER AYANG
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Exemplary Leadership and Sacrifice: The Victor Ndoma Egba Example BY PETER AYANG

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba

by crossriverwatch admin

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba
Senator Victor Ndoma Egba

In life, unarguably the fact remains that in every era there exist the stories of men who strut the pages of history in shaping society.

That is why most often, there had never been a glory without an accompanying story. One of such men of intellectual profundity, administrative and legislative prowess defining the pace of governance in Nigeria today is Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba.

Indeed he is a loud voice in the Senate, an unstoppable voice that rolls as deep and majestically as the river that defines the southern border of the Atlantic. And many loved him for his mastery of language, the gift of oratory that placed him in the class of the leadership of the Senate.

A single quality that made him unique, a quality that made him powerful, made him beloved, the quality of character. And he has this to say ‘’I am guided by the strength of character I have built over the years and I believe that the state of your life is the reflection of the state of your mind’’ and my goals have always been powered by focused determination, driven by discipline, patience, positive attitude, perseverance, time management, courage and my consistence in looking for what will enable me add value to the society.

Sen. Ndoma-Egba is a man of many parts and means different things to different people; he is a rallying point and a perfect example of discipline and exemplary living. A quintessential professional who strives for perfection in the discharge of his duties, these his colleagues both distinguished Senators and Lawyers will always attest to.

Rising to the occasion of his election as Leader of the Nigeria Senate; he was well equipped with a nostalgic roadmap towards surmounting the daunting challenges of his office while mindful of the enormous responsibility thrust upon him. He is an administrator with exceptional strength, ability and vision. The depth of his understanding of policies, bills and laws and their backgrounds proved vital in his efforts towards the administrative running of the senate.

He is a great motivator and steel frame for the advancement of people-oriented causes, a firm advocate of debate who possesses the uncommon ability to pursue popular causes even if they vary with his own personal interest. He is not only an astute technocrat and a team player; he has integrity that can be described as uncommon in this part of the world.

He is the irrepressible champion of the people, the pivot and motivating force in the sustenance of the People Democratic Party. A bridge builder who has gone through the fiery furnace of Nigeria politics unscathed but with dignity and honor and a success always in knitting together people of diverse religious, ethnic and cultural background under one roof. For him obstacles are merely hurdles that must be overcome in life’s journey and that life would have no meaning if there were no challenges.

Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba is one man who could persuade but surprisingly he could be persuaded too. His respect for other points of view lent weight to his own point of view; He is never afraid to change his position if he is persuaded that he is wrong. This tolerance and sympathy are elements of his character, and this character gained him the affection and esteem of millions of fellow Nigerians. It is then virtually impossible to write the history of Nigeria without a generous mention of his name.

A patriotic but silent achiever and one, who believes in the potentials of the Nigeria nation and its future greatness, no wonder he is always putting his Country first. He is an outspoken partisan, an individualist of the first rank, who put his Country before himself and before his party.

An interventionist, who knows how to make the process of democracy work and loves the intricate workings of the democratic system, he is as unassuming as he is given to speaking only when it is absolutely necessary. A man of few words who allows his actions speaks for him. If words have to describe his actions and performances, those words are likely to come from others.

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba as Senate Leader belongs to all Nigerians and his words have placed most States in the flood victim disaster list of the federal government, not only that the National Emergency Management Agency has always responded promptly to his calls on disasters affecting States, and it showed recently in the rain storm victims of the Boki Local Government Area.

Even though, he is being criticized by few he knows that his friends are not always his allies and that his adversaries are not his enemies. Senator Ndoma-Egba is a study in humility, not for him, the exaggerated sense of self worth that is the hallmark of the public conduct of people in authority, those that are generally referred to as big men. He is a connoisseur of knowledge and basks in the light of constant updating of his knowledge base via diverse courses.

Being the kind of person he is, this man of the minority earned the respect and affection of the majority. And by this special way he gave leadership to legislation. And through this he added grace, elegance and courtliness to the word politician. This is how he became the leader of the Senate and one of the leaders of our nation.

He is a politician in the finest sense of that much abused word. A good example of one man who is richly endowed with a lot of brains and has a hand in shaping almost every important law that affects our lives. He has demonstrated a high sense of leadership and uncommon dexterity in the red chambers, his effective representation is seen by all and became the cynosure of all eyes no wonder, his people adopted the paradigm of a good turn always deserves another.

Ordinarily, the unassuming disposition of the Senate Leader and his simplicity are his background traits given his Christian family upbringing. ‘’He tells you that his father taught him the meaning of freedom and the responsibility that comes with it, that being free does not mean free to do anything you like but to enjoy freedom within certain limits especially in a world that is morally ambivalent, that certain values must be exercised and kept in other that whatever you are doing is legitimate’’.

Sen Ndoma-Egba veered into politics at the age of 27 and was appointed Commissioner for Works and Transport by the then military administrator of old Cross River State, Brigadier General Dan Archibong.

He won prizes for the best performing Commissioner, and because of his outstanding track records he acted as Commissioner for Justice and Commissioner for Works respectively combining the two portfolios, he was also the pioneer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Directorate for Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFFRI).

It will also interest you to know that this Masters Degree holder of Law did not stop at his LLB degree as many would rather do and prefer to practice. But he went further to obtain an LLM Degree from the University of Calabar, a Certificate in Export Processing Zone Administration from the Irish Development Institute Shannon, a Certificate in Executive Management from the Stanford University, Palo Alto USA and also a Certificate in Leadership from the Harvard University USA.

Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba is a recurring decimal in the business of law making in Nigeria. This ebullient lawmaker and erudite Senate Leader is one of the most refined and outstanding Senators in the National Assembly today with several international and national awards and honors.

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    • 11 years ago

    Since democracy returned in 1999, cross river has not had representation so good in the National Assembly like we do today, many thanks to distinguished sen Ndoma- Egba who leads the pack and then a Handful(we know them). Only yesterday in calabar, I saw brand new coaster buses for mass transit from sure-P facilitated by Ndoma-Egba and I will continually wish we had more of his likes across the 3 senatorial districts and 8 federal constituencies in cross river.
    The others merely observe proceedings at plenary without contributing anything but are yet very active at the committee level especially when it involves harassing government agencies and parastatals for kickbacks (we also know them). This group are so out of touch with their constituents to the point they have to be reminded it falls under their purview to call to attention of federal government. (Common examples are the recurring gridlock experienced by commuters at calabar -odukpani junction and the frightening gulley threatening calabar atimbo road etc)

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