Why Are They Barking? BY PETER AYANG
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Why Are They Barking? BY PETER AYANG

Map of Cross River State

by crossriverwatch admin

Map of Cross River State
Map of Cross River State

A political group with the name, Ikom for Liyel Imoke Movement in a meeting held on the 25th of October, 2013 at the
Ikom Government House came out with a communiqué declaring that the selection of a governor for the state in 2015 is the “sole prerogative”, of the incumbent governor, Senator Liyel Imoke.

According to the group which has people like Professor Osam Edim, S .A Strategic Planning Mr. Henry Ojogu, Accountant General of the State, Mr. Christopher Agibe, Secretary Carnival Commission, Mrs. Magdaline Agibe, S.A. Job Placement,
Hon. Simeon Nkoro, Member, Cross River House of Assembly, Mr. Fred Osim, S.A. Political, and Mr. Ndoma Egodo, said in a state populated by over three million people, only one person has the right to anoint the next Executive Governor of Cross River State. This is clearly an aberration of democracy and insult on the collective psyche of Cross Riverians

To this group, the “Governorship of the state in 2015 is not open to bargain, but the sole prerogative” of one person. This smacks of nothing but crass ignorance of what democracy means and also a blanket check for the reign of dictatorship worse than military autocracy and totally unacceptable to the people.

Have they forgotten so soon that in 1999, Mr. Donald Duke came from outside the establishment to become governor of the state?

Also, in 2007, Senator Imoke even when it was apparent the establishment in the state did not want him became governor too?

How does this group believe that the establishment, which is seemingly still speaking tongue in cheek as to who would be successor in 2015 will succeed in installing one single handedly.

It may be understood from the perspective of these political lackeys that protecting their jobs and doing their pay masters bidding is their major preoccupation for now.

What they however, have not seen is the change in tide. As our people say, one should not conclude which tree the ghost leaned on when it cries in the night until the witchdoctor has spoken and in this case, until the people of Cross River have spoken!

It is therefore advisable for them to stop yapping because committing political hara-kiri would be too sordid for them.

Peter Ayang, a PDP chieftain wrote from Ikom

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    • 11 years ago

    In a Democracy where you have established democratic authorities instituted by the people, I see no reason why a decision as to who becomes Governor in a particular place and time should be the prerogative of one individual and not the people. This runs foul of proverbial assertion Vox Populi,VOX Dei upon which this foundation of Democracy is built upon. God is watching us all

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