Christian Women Protest Against Calabar Carnival Dry Run
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Christian Women Protest Against Calabar Carnival Dry Run

by crossriverwatch admin

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Hundreds of Christian women led by Rev. Gift Ephraim Effiong and Mary Theodore Effiong, wives of Pastors Theodore Effiong and Ephraim Effiong of Prayer to All Nations on Monday protested against the holding of the Calabar Carnival dry runs on Sundays.

The women dressed in black and bearing placards with several mesages inscribed on them called for a stop holding the carnial dry runs on Sunday which they said is the Day of the Lord and should therefore be allowed for uninterrupted church services and worship.

“Sunday is a day of the Lord and should be allowed to be used in the worship of God”. The women told Mr Frank Inyang of the Press Unit, Governor’s Office.

according to the women, the carnival dry runs which usually take place on Sundays dirupt churches from having hitch free services on those Sundays and therefore should be stopped.

“The Government workers go to work Monday to Friday and nobody stops them from going to work so that Carnival dry run would hold, even on Saturdays, which are free Carnival Dry Runs do not hold on that day, it is on Sunday whne Christians go to worship that dry run is fixed”.

The women who presented a letter to Frank Inyang for onward tramsission to Senator Imoke, the state governor said some churhes hold four services from 7am to 2pm and because of the dry run in which roads are closed, those who go to church are either stranded in the church or stopped from going to church.

Mr. Inyang assured them that the letter would be presented to the governor.

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    • 9 years ago

    I’m a Cross Riverian and I practically grew up in Calabar city. I’m happy that there is a voice that is watching against some trends in my state. It has been a great burden in my heart seeing how this carnival thing is eating away at the state. As a young teenager I remember that it took several crusades, prayers by many men of GOD, Pastors, and Evengelists such as Rev. Theodore Effiong, Rev. Uma Okpai (just to mention a few) to cleanse the land of demons and water spirit domination and to make it an abode of GOD and HIS Holy Spirit. But the trend of the carnival in recent years I have always wandered what the Men of GOD are doing in order to save us from being plunged back to the former order? So I’m thrilled to know that the Body of Christ is not looking away from this evolving evil. GOD bless you Mrs Mary Theodore Effiong and your group for the battle you are fighting for the course of the Gospel of Christ.

    • 9 years ago

    Ooh finally. The Lord has visited my state. Thank you Daddy Ephraim you have fought earnestly for the liberation of the land. No one can reward you only God.

    • 9 years ago

    Daddy Ephraim God bless you.

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