Mob Hack FCE Obudu Lecturer to Death
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Mob Hack FCE Obudu Lecturer to Death

by crossriverwatch admin


Lecturer with the Federal College of Education, FCE, Obudu, Mr. Livinus Agbor has been hacked to death by a mob in Vandeikya Benue state.

Mr. Agbor a lecturer in the Department of Educational Planning was said to be down with severe cerebral malaria which made him restless and uncoordinated and after three days of treatment at a private hospital at Obudu without any improvement, he was rushed by his younger brother to neighbouring Vandeikya General Hospital in Benue State for further medical attention where he was placed on admission. “But while in the hospital, his younger brother went to buy food and left him on the hospital bed” one of his colleagues, Dr Achigbe told CrossRiverWatch.

He said when the younger brother left to the town, the lecturer who is from Ukpe Alege in Obudu got out of his bed and strayed out of the hospital premises to the Vandeikya Motor Park and told the drivers there that he wanted to go to Makurdi and boarded a taxi “but that the first taxi delayed and he being restless stepped out of the car and went to the Vandeikya-Oturkpo road and boarded another taxi but when he could not tell the driver where he was going, he was asked to step down from the taxi”. Achigbe said.

While he was wandering around Vandeikya town he came across a student who was returning from school and asked the boy to get some water for him but the boy said he had no water “But he followed the boy home and when he got to the boy’s house, the mother raised alarm that someone was about to kidnap the son and a mob came out and began to attack him”. Our source said.

Dr. Achigbe said the man was severely beaten by the mob until he became unconscious before his hands were eventually fastened with a cord and dumped inside the booth of a car and taken to the Police Station but the police was surprised at the level of violence meted out to the lecturer and rushed him to the hospital where he gave up the ghost.

According to Achigbe, before his tragic killing, the lecturer had been offered admission by a British University on the scholarship of Tertiary Education Fund, TETFUND to study for his PhD.

“He was a very intelligent and a humble gentlemen who had no issues with anybody in the school both staff and students” Achigbe said.

A source at the Cross River State Police Command said the matter is being handled by the police at Vandeikya and “We hear a number of arrests have been made”. The source said.

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    • 11 years ago

    Why do the hospital allow their patient to leave and roam about. Dr Achigbe please you have narrated all the story were you there with him? Was that hospital a psychiastry hospital? He has not gotten his Ph.D but was addressed as Dr Agbor (deceased)

    • 11 years ago

    Why do the hospital allow their patient to leave and roam about. Dr Achigbe please you have narrated all the story were you there with him? Was that hospital a psychiastry hospital?the hospital shall be held responsible for that colleral demage.

    • 11 years ago

    Obudu people and their witchcraft! its obvious this man was killed the ‘obudu way’ by their witches and wizards; at the point of his breakthrough

    • 11 years ago

    It’s very pathetic, many nigerians always take laws into their hands. no matter the level of crime a person commit no civilian has the right to take a soul. I think government should start sentencing offenders of such act to life imprisonment.

    • 11 years ago

    I really appreciate this chapter. we thank God we have this group in obudu. this could have bring big trouble with de tiv people$obudu everything we give thank’s to God.God have ur way.

    • 10 years ago

    Well may his soul rest in peace. As history may have it benue people are violent their second name is trouble their are middle belt boko haram we have in our country well the soul that sin shall die

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