COEASU Demand Insider to Replace Owan as COE Akampa Provost
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COEASU Demand Insider to Replace Owan as COE Akampa Provost

by crossriverwatch admin


The College of Education Akamkpa chapter of Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union, COEASU, has called on the governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke and all those responsible for the appointment of a new Provost for the College to ensure that an insider succeeds the outgoing Provost, Prof. Anthony Owan Enoh.

In a statement to CrossRiverWatch, Comrade Agba Linus Agba, the Chairman, of the union said that as the quest to choose a successor for Prof. Anthony Owan Enoh, the college provost deepens, the entire academic staff of the college have unanimously agreed that one of their own members, an insider, be chosen to continue from where Prof. Enoh Owan stopped rather than bringing in an outsider.

“First we as a family commend Sen. Liyel Imoke, our amiable governor, for his good choice of Owan Enoh as the college provost for the past five years.

Within that period a lot has been achieved. We want to use this opportunity to remind him and those involved in the selection process for a successor that Prof. Anthony Owan Enoh has done nobly in the service of his motherland education wise, and his heir should be one that shares his vision and mission for the College, state and country at large.

The successor, has to be one whom the college system is embedded in him like in Enoh, who from the beginning, during his youth service served in a College of Education where he was eventually retained.

The statement which was also endorsed by COEASU, College of Education Akamkpa chapter Secretary, Comrade Valentine Ntui maintained that, “Our position is that as a tradition for better productivity amongst those screened and interviewed for the job are Dr. James Ejue Bassey (present deputy provost) and Dr. Paul Oko (emeritus deputy provost) that have both worked under the tutelage of the outgoing provost are the only insiders we have as part of our academic staff members and from our sources they performed exceedingly well in the interview above others and we stand to say that the best should be chosen base on merit, and not on ethnic or political consideration in order to encourage hard work and productivity.

“Better still the choice of an insider would encourage our lecturers to aspire to greater heights within the college system. Bringing in an outsider is like starting afresh because he’s an alien in the college system. The college system greatly differs from that of a university and polytechnic that is why only one who is rooted in the system can and should be given the job as it is and was done in FCE Obudu, and other sister Colleges including Afaha Nsit and Asaba.”

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    • 10 years ago

    Dr James Bassey is a man ful with high leadership qualities. As such, he is fit and stands qualify to take after Prof. Owan

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