Calabar Residents Express Fear About Mysterious House With One Occupant
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Calabar Residents Express Fear About Mysterious House With One Occupant

A sign post by the house

by crossriverwatch admin

A sign post by the house
A sign post by the house


In southern part of Calabar, the Cross River State capital popularly called Calabar South, on a popular street, Inyang, at the Afokang Street intersection stands a mysterious edifice.

The walls of the house which have several apartments with lockup stores at the front row are painted black and bear several strange inscriptions.

The inscriptions and drawings which are scary are all over, on the front, left and right sides of the house. At the front and sides of the edifice are two sign boards: one has the drawing of a human skull placed on crossed bones with two machetes by its sides in red paint while on the other board with a red background is an image of a black vulture standing with spread wings and the words Azhirii and ahwaziro inscribed on it.

The sign post in front of the house also bears the drawing of the human skull placed on crossed bones but no machete by the side but boldly written also in red ink Azhirii Republic with the words “keep off” written on it and the walls of the house.

When CrossRiverWatch visited the house and our reporter interacted with neighbors, it was revealed that the house has been this way for over 7 years.

A lady who operates a shop by the road side close to the house and claims to have lived in the house next to the mysterious edifice for over ten years disclosed that “The occupant is a young man who sent away his family members when he returned from New York where he schooled; he also sent away all the tenants in the compound that he wants to stay alone and use the house to display cartoons”. The source said.

She maintained that “He comes out once in three months and when he does, he always cleans the outside of the house and yearly he changes the drawings on the wall”. Recalling that “Some time ago when NDDC tarred the road beside the house, they mounted a sign post and he came out one morning with his tools and dug it up.

The NDDC reported the matter to the police and when the police came here looking for him, “With several re-enforcement they couldn’t succeed in entering the house, and even you journalist you can’t enter there. They just paraded around the compound but no one could dare touch the door”.

The source who prefers not to have her name in print added that “Last year, my sister asked him of his mother he said she’s okay but few days later we saw just one obituary poster of his mother in front of the house and the burial was done and attended by him; he hired an ambulance which took just him and the corpse to Hawkins cemetery where she was buried”.

CrossRiverWatch gathered that some of his sisters have married while his father is alive in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. “His father abandoned his car for him when he drove him away and it was packed by the side of the house before the road was tarred. He used to come out every morning and warm the car by riding it round the neighborhood but after three – four months he sold the car.

Further findings revealed that he started his weird life long before his mother passed on but she could not curtail him. “when you see him today his hair has over grown on the head not to talk of the one on the cheek that has entangled making him look rough and scary to people. He uses a red ribbon at times to tie his bushy hair; he does not work but buys everything he needs. He goes to the market and prepare delicious meal that its aroma thrill us”, a source said.

“He doesn’t work, how does he come by his money and what he does inside that takes him that long before coming outside to even clean his frontage?” The secret source that happens to have stayed within the area for over 10 years said adding that he drew these things by himself, paid the welder that did his sign board.

When he is around and outside working many people do come with their family and friends to show them because he’ll spend quite a good number of hours outside painting or cleaning.

Another source opposite this house of mystery recalled that “about a year ago when he mounted the second sign board one Igbo man came to challenge him that the sign post is his own, the man quarreled but refused entering inside the house until he came out and said that if something is not wrong with the man’s head he should come back by evening and try him but eventually the Igbo man did not return”.

Another added that he’s very dangerous; when he’s passing no one will tell you to clear the road for him. Adding that he rarely has visitors but does have.

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