Calabar Residents Machete Burglar to Death as Police Confiscate CRWatch Reporter’s Gadgets
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Calabar Residents Machete Burglar to Death as Police Confiscate CRWatch Reporter’s Gadgets

by crossriverwatch admin


Burglars and their cohorts may have had their chances in the past in their incessant terrorizing of the Atamunu area of Calabar South, spreading repressing fear on the residents.

Even the presence of the Nigerian Police occasional patrol team in the area seem incapable of averting their terror and the people of the area have decided to take the laws into their hands by dispensing what could be likened to jungle justice on any thief that is caught in their neighborhood.

One of such victims of jungle justice is a corpse that our correspondent found on Saturday morning laying in the middle of the road around the Atamunu area while negotiating the bend to Enobong Avenue, coming from Mount Zion road in Calabar South.

Our correspondent, who was there at the scene at the time it was already crowded by spectators and police men from the Efut Division of the Nigeria police, observed that the body was badly inflicted with several deep machete cuts all over the body including the forehead, arm and a deep cut at the back which left the body beyond recognition.

One of the residents of the area, who refused to give his name for fear of police implication, said he was home
enjoying his night rest during the wee hour of 3am when he heard a neighbor screaming “thief o!!!,” and then they all became alert to the fact that a stranger element was in the area.

Another resident, also in anonymity, recounted that her compound was also affected by the attack, where they recovered two cutlasses and a pair of shoes believed to belong to the burglars who may have attempted to visit them with terror but failed due to strong security presence in the compound.

She said while the incident took place in the wee hours she heard voices shouting “thief o” and then footsteps trooping; another voice she heard from another angle was suspected to have come from one of the burglars was “Jesus!” and then more noise until dawn when the police were alerted to the scene of the incident.

Our correspondent who visited the scene to take pictures of the incident was intercepted by the Efut Division of the Nigeria Police and his Camera and phone were confiscated. After being detained at the station for about 40 minutes, he was later forced to divulge his phone content and some information and footages of the incident deleted before his gadgets were released to him.

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