Occupant of Calabar Mysterious House Dies, Bloated Body Removed by Family
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Occupant of Calabar Mysterious House Dies, Bloated Body Removed by Family

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The occupant of the mysterious house at Inyang Street /Adak Uko who drove away his family members to take ownership of the sprawling edifice which was exclusively reported by CrosRiverWatch in February has died.

The man died few weeks after the report was published in one of the rooms in the house he occupied alone for several years after his mother who was the only person living with him died years back.

His body our source revealed was discovered after an offensive odour took over the entire vicinity and his relatives living in Akwa State were contacted.

“The whole place was smelling and it was discovered the smell was coming from inside that house (pointing to the mysterious house) so people who knew the relatives phoned them and they came and forced open the doors and behold he laid on the floor dead.” A lady who sells a provision store close to the house told CrossRiverWatch.

According to her, when the doors were forced open, the body of the ‘mysterious’ man was bloathed having passed on for some days back. “The brothers called some area boys and gave them drink and they helped to carry the body to a van and they left with it”.

The lady said the relatives did not disclose where they were taking the body to whether Akwa Ibom or any of the cemetries in Calabar. “He had three eggs in his right palm when he died and the cause of his death is not known.”

The entire paintings and writings on the walls of the house and the signposts have been removed and a new paint used to cover the walls and the sign post apparently in preparation for renting out to some tenants.

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