Chemical Weapons, Frightening Dimension In Security Challenge – Ndoma Egba
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Chemical Weapons, Frightening Dimension In Security Challenge – Ndoma Egba

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba

by crossriverwatch admin

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba
Senator Victor Ndoma Egba

Though still at the realm of allegation, claims of the use of chemical weapons by insurgents in Benue State villages is a frightening dimension in Nigeria’s security challenges which must be thoroughly investigated.

Senate Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma Egba, who was speaking in Calabar on Saturday when he was, bestowed an award by the Post Graduate Students of the University of Calabar as the All Round Best Law Maker said the allegation should be taken seriously by the security agencies and thoroughly investigated.

“The security agencies must get to the root of the allegation because this is a frightening dimension to the security challenges that we are having and take adequate measures to address the issues”.

Senator Ndoma Egba said the National Conference was instituted to give every section of the country the opportunity to speak with other Nigerians on Nigeria which they have always clamored for and therefore the resort to extreme use of violence on other Nigerians is unnecessary and counterproductive.

“At this stage of our political evolution, we must not miss any opportunity for Nigerians to discuss Nigeria to ventilate equality and justice, so for me I will encourage every legitimate congregation of Nigerians to discuss what Nigeria should be today and tomorrow”.

He assured that the amendment of the Constitution is still on course, as the voting for the sections proposed for amendment will take place on Wednesday this week.

“You cannot say the amendment of the Constitution is taking too long; the only time the Constitution of this country was amended was in 1963 to create the Mid-West Region and from that time to 2008, we had not succeeded in amending the Constitution but between 2008 and now, we have passed three amendments”.

Speaking on the imperative of legislators with experience in the National Assembly, the Senate Leader asserted that in 1999 when the Senate was newly inaugurated, there was a lot of instability because of the lack of experience of the Senators but in 2003 when some Senators who served in 1999 returned, maturity was introduced into the Upper Chamber and with it came stability.

“The presence of Senators who have served some terms provides stability which also provides experience and the experience now provides a pool that leadership can be drawn from and that pool gives the nation stability”.

He said in the United States, if six serving Senators fail to return to the Upper Chambers after an election, such election outcome is considered an upheaval that is why Senators like Robert Bird could spend 52 unbroken years in the Senate while Senator Edward Kennedy and John McCain have spent over forty years each.

Senator Ndoma Egba assured the Post Graduate Students of his continuous support since youths are the most important resource of a nation and education the only way through which capacity can be built in the youths who are the future of the country.

The President of the Post Graduate Students, Comrade Anthony Bisong told the Senate Leader that he was selected for the award because of his outstanding performance in the Senate having sponsored 39 individual Bills which is the highest apart from Executive Bills.

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