Corruption Is Impeding Fight Against Boko Haram – Arch Bishop Ukpo
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Corruption Is Impeding Fight Against Boko Haram – Arch Bishop Ukpo

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Corruption has taken over every aspect of Nigeria’s national life and unless it is rooted out, the country will find it difficult addressing its current security challenges.

Archbishop Joseph Edra Ukpo, the Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Arch Diocese of Calabar who made the declaration in Okpoma, the Yala Local Government headquarters in Cross River State on Sunday stated that corruption is severely impeding the effective fight against Islamic insurgents currently ravaging the north east part of the country.

Arch Bishop Ukpo who delivered a homily during the induction of the Paramount Ruler of Yala Local Government Area, Ogamode Onah Ipuole into the Knighthood of St John at the Christ the King Catholic Church, Okpoma stated that Nigeria is ordained by God to be a great country but to attain that status, corruption has to be rooted out to ensure meaningful progress in our national life.

“Corruption is what is making it difficult to bring the Boko Haram insurgency to an end and unless we fight corruption it will be difficult for Nigeria to make much progress as a nation because it has taken over much of our national life”.

He called on Eje Onah Ipuole, the Yala Paramount Ruler to be steadfast with God because that is the only way God will give him the wisdom to effectively handle the affairs of the people of the local government area. “You may have your own wisdom but that wisdom is nothing compared to the wisdom of God who appointed you as the King over his people therefore you need to call on him before you take any decision that affect the people”.

Speaking, Ogamode Onah Ipuole, the Yala Paramount Ruler stated that there was nothing unusual in a traditional ruler becoming a knight because God is the one who ordained traditional institution and as such traditional practices must always be in conformity with the word of God. “Any traditional practice that is against the word of God, I keep it aside because God has to be part of anything I am doing as King”

He stated that peace is presently prevalent in Yala Kingdom because since his enthronement as Paramount Ruler, he has always depended on God to guide him in taking decisions that affect the people. He accordingly called on the people to emulate his actions which are principally dictated by his faith in God.

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