Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Pageant Debuts On May 24
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Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Pageant Debuts On May 24

Miss Isabella Ayuk, MBGN 2012, organizer of the Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Pageant

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Miss Isabella Ayuk, MBGN 2012, organizer of the Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Pageant
Miss Isabella Ayuk, MBGN 2012, organizer of the Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Pageant

The maiden edition of the Cross River Most Beautiful Girl, CRMBG Pageant has been scheduled to hold between 13th through 24th of May, 2014.

Briefing News Men in Calabar, the leader of the organizing team, Queen Isabela Ayuk disclosed that, it’s high time Cross Riverians showcase and celebrate their own in a very unique way that befits the charming-look and the intelligence of young ladies in the state as well as putting up something that meet the expectation of the local people with international standard.

“As the winner of the 2012/13 edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN, organize by the Silver Bird Entertainment Industry, it is very important to give back to the society as much as what the society bequeathed in one. With the wealth of experiences I garnered during my reign as the MBGN even as the first Cross Riverian who was crowned MBGN, it is my passion to institutionalize and promote beauty contest in the state and beyond” Queen Ayuk stated.

The beauty pageant which is being organized by Belle’s Sabel Grooming Agency Calabar in collaboration with Silver Bird Entertainment Industry Nigeria, is a humanitarian based event that is poised to encourage the indigenous girls of Cross River State between the ages of 18 to 25 years to take the bull by the horn by way of participating actively in the beauty industry.

“What people especially Cross Riverians don’t understand is that participating in the beauty pageant does not mean prostitution. It doesn’t mean idleness or something indiscipline either. Rather, it is a good business and it’s rewarding too. Plenty of young girls are very beautiful and intelligent too in Cross River State if you check across the 18 Local Government Areas. But, what we lack is commitment to taking the advantage of what we have as a people. Every human being needs self independence economically, socially and otherwise. We shy away from accepting this fact and taking the bull by the horn therefore resorting to doing things that are not enduring.

“Before now, you see people from other parts of the south-south, south-eastern states and so on parading themselves in events of this nature as representing Cross River State. It is a slap on our faces for us to keep losing these awesome opportunities to non indigene. So, as one who have tested the gains behind this world respected industry, I want to do everything humanly possible to remove the spirit of shyness from our young girls and encourage them not to rely on politicians to make up their lives, rather, they can become very useful to the society by way of working harder and converting what is in them to meaningful venture and be self reliant and respected in the society.”

Speaking further, Queen Isabela hinted that the event is going to attract top shots of the Nigerian entertainment industry. “Top artists like Ikechukwu, Flavor and many other music and stand up comedians will do what they know best at the maiden event.”

Apart from representing Cross River State in this year’s 2014 edition of the MBGN being hosted in Bayelsa State later, the winner will cart away a brand new car, one year befitting accommodation within Calabar metropolis, a cash prize, a scholarship grant and a trip to the United Kingdom.

The winner is expected to reign for the period of one year and will facilitate the project of the First Lady in the state. The crowned queen will also have to raise funds for many other women and children focused programs and projects in the state and support the fight against typhoid fever, malaria and other terrifying pandemic diseases as well as other social vices common in our society.

Camping of the contestants resumes 13th of May, 2014, and the grand finale will be 24th of May, 2014 at Monti Suits and hotels, Calabar.

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