Goddy Jedy Agba And The Emerging Threats of Calumny By NATE OTABA
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Goddy Jedy Agba And The Emerging Threats of Calumny By NATE OTABA

Jedy Agba stressing a point in his recent private visit to the Muri Munene of Efuts in Calabar

by crossriverwatch admin

Jedy Agba stressing a point in his recent private visit to the Muri Munene of Efuts in Calabar
Jedy Agba stressing a point in his recent private visit to the Muri Munene of Efuts in Calabar

Cross Riverians have condemned the frenzied and desperate antics of Imoke against the aspirations of Jedy-Agba.
This is coming on the heels of the declaration of the State PDP chairman, Ntufam John Okon denouncing Jedy-Agba as a non party member.

A couple of weeks ago, It was alleged that the PDP membership registers were removed from the Party’s secretariat to Government Lodge to effect a well purported plan and create irregularities aimed at denying Jedy-Agba the guber ticket and blacklisting his supporters.

The alleged reports are beginning to appear to hold water going by the serial removal and suspension of individuals linked to Jedy-Agba and the recent declaration by the state party chairman, Ntufam John Okon.

It can be recalled that Dr. Sandy Onor and other allies of Goddy Agba were removed from the party caucuses across the three senatorial districts of the state. A development that left a sour taste in the mouths of Cross Riverians and clearly fingered Imoke as the man behind the manipulations.

Regrettably, this scare tactics is creating an atmosphere of fright and daunting intimidation on supporters of Agba and Cross Riverians at large. Every supporter of Jedy-Agba in Government and in the party wants to remain anonymous when commenting on their support for Agba to the press for fear of being fired.

There is an urgent cry for harmonious politicking and respect for the rights of all people to free choice.

Candidates and supporters of candidates should be allowed to do their homework without fear of intimidation. If at the Primary, the party delegates agree with a particular candidate; naturally, everyone should fall in line to support the candidate that won.

No forum, individual or groups of persons have such power to handpick a candidate. The power on who will be the governor of this state in 2015 solidly rest with the people of the state.

Notable Lawyer and activist, Okoi Obono-Obla in a statement noted that declaration of the state chairman of PDP is puerile and ridiculous.

He condemned the oppression, harassment and intimidation of Jedy Agba being orchestrated by Governor Liyel Imoke and his faction of the PDP to scare him (Agba) from seeking the nomination of the Party as its governorship candidate come 2015

Obla said, Goddy Jedy Agba surely deserves the sympathy and support of all members of the PDP and all those who cherish the ideals of freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights in Cross River State.

Reacting to the alleged declaration, Hon Venatius Ikem stated, “We know that Jedy Agba is an authentic member of the PDP and duly registered in his ward.

“They have taken the ward registers to lodge in government house to effect illegalities; unfortunately, we have a photocopy of the register of Goddy’s ward. Let them try anything and we will take it up with the party at the appropriate party level.”

In a statement, Dr. Sandy Onor noted that, “the action of the governor and the leadership of the party was unfortunate and primitive, I expected them to be more elegant. We all pretend to be democratic but we are anything but it. I sympathize with those who are in panic mode and resorting to undemocratic means to fight their perceived enemies”

He said “removing our names from the caucus will not change anything. We have not been removed from the state. We are on ground and we are working. Cross Riverians have ears and they are reading and hearing what is going on. It is quite unfortunate to see how people are being hounded for having the courage to follow their mind in a democracy. It will help in shaping their opinion about the kind of leadership we have in the party and in the state.”

Onor said “the action will not deter us, it will not stop us, rather it will fire up our zeal to work harder and ensure we get to the mark we are targeting”

Finally, It is important to note that, this campaign of calumny and the recent declaration by Ntufam Okon is aimed at confusing Cross Riverians. It is all in the script. We hope this is brought to end to avoid internal crises in the party.

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