Why Is Imoke Afraid Of Jedy Agba? BY OBONO OBLA
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Why Is Imoke Afraid Of Jedy Agba? BY OBONO OBLA

Barrister Obono Obla

by crossriverwatch admin

Barrister Obono Obla
Barrister Obono Obla

Goddy Jedy Agba surely deserves the sympathy and support of all members of the PDP and all those who cherish the ideals of freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights in Cross River State.

I totally condemn the oppression, harassment and intimidation of Jedy Agba been orchestrated by Governor Liyel Imoke and his faction of the PDP to scare him (Agba) from seeking the nomination of the Party as its governorship candidate come 2015.

The declaration of the Chairman of the PDP, Ntufam John Okon that Jedy Agba is not a member of the PDP is puerile and ridiculous.

The pertinent question is when did the powers that be in the PDP find out that Jedy Agba is not a member of the PDP?

I ask because I know as a matter of fact that Jedy Agba was recommended to President Jonathan in 2011 by Governor Imoke for ministerial appointment. I know as a fact that one of the criteria for recommendation of anybody by a Governor to Mr. President for appointment as a minister, is that such a person must be a member of the PDP.

So when did Governor Imoke and Chairman John Okon become aware that Jedy Agba is not a member of the PDP?

Why is Governor Imoke scared of Jedy Agba?

There must be something Governor Imoke knows about Jedy Agba that makes him so scared of Jedy.

I urge Governor Imoke to tell us those things he knows about Jedy Agba that are giving him goose pimples that ordinary mortals like us are not privy to.

I implore Governor Imoke to allow anybody who thinks that he or she has what it takes to be Governor of the State to put his or herself forward.

Let Governor Imoke allow members of his Party to decide whether or not they want Jedy Agba as their choice to carry their Party flag come 2015.

All these spirited efforts by Governor Imoke and his henchmen to stifle the aspiration of Jedy Agba is undemocratic, infantile and immoral.

Let us have the best coming out to aspire to lead the State whether in APC or PDP. This is the beauty of democracy. Enough is enough.

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