G18 Coalition Alleges Conspiracy To Spread Calumny Against Jedy Agba
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G18 Coalition Alleges Conspiracy To Spread Calumny Against Jedy Agba

by crossriverwatch admin


The G18 Coalition, a pro Jedy Agba political movement has alleged that there are plans underway to spread calumny against the governorship aspirant with a view to tarnishing his image.

In a press release by the group, signed by Mr. Adamade Odey Simon and made available to CrossRiverWatch, the group said: “Credible information reaching us has it that the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the Governor of Cross River state Mr. Arikpo in nefarious collusion with the SA media and PA Special Projects are cooking up spurious falsehood of various degrees against the person of our amiable gubernatorial aspirant-Goddy Jedy Agba OFR.

“Suffice it to say that as ardent supporters of the Jedy 2015 aspirations, we are poised to expose this evil plot to malign our aspirant with the sole intention of misleading the public.

“We are very much aware of the fear and threat the Goddy Jedy Agba ambition has brought upon “the family” and their lackeys who have been waiting to be anointed as the “chosen”. The same fear which drove Ntufam John Okon to speak out of turn is driving these men of little courage to conceive and hatch sinister propaganda against Goddy Jedy Agba.

“Let it be known that we are ready to resist and respond to any such evil plot via every effective legal means at our disposal and would implore our aspirant to be ready for action.

“Let it be known also that our resolve and the aspiration of Goddy Jedy Agba would not be moved by the obnoxious machinations of these apologists who have no idea whatsoever what it means to contribute positively to democracy and state development. Rather, having been so informed, our teeming supporters are properly positioned to effectively discard and ignore whatever comes out from this failed plot”.

The group implored the Governor, Senator Imoke to call the trio to other to avoid dragging the name of his government into disrepute.

“We call on the Governor to call these men to order lest they bring his government to disrepute as the dust that would be raised from their conduct would certainly becloud their expectations!.
We shall not be moved!”

But in his reaction, the SA media to governor Imoke, Mr. Christian Ita dismissed the allegation as a figment of the imagination of the accusers.

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