Governor Imoke And Masturbation Of The Political Process BY UTSU ATSU
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Governor Imoke And Masturbation Of The Political Process BY UTSU ATSU

Utsu Atsu

by crossriverwatch admin

Utsu Atsu
Utsu Atsu, Co-ordinator, Jedy Solidarity Movement JSM

The disturbing trend that his Excellency, the governor of Cross River State seeks to hand pick his successor have been making the rounds for a while now; this position has been publicly denied many times by the soft spoken and quiet looking governor.

It can no longer be tolerated, at least by truth and fairness, that this amiable governor, whose manner of governance has endeared him to the people, should not only harbor such an artificial process but also consistently deny the people a fair participation in the choice of who to govern them.

It is only right for Imoke to allow the process flow naturally, otherwise he risks a break in continuity. Several things are most likely to happen in the state and surely, the party (PDP) may never remain the same again.

The target in the whole of these attempted alterations is Gody-Jedy Agba. Why is Liyel so afraid of Jedy?

He and his partners will tell you he is not part of the family and most lately, Jedy is not a registered member of the PDP. Are these altercations true? Of course not, they are simply desperate attempts at denying the people the services of visionary leadership.

Furthermore, this reminds me of the Donald Duke days when he commissioned the removal of Hon Emma Ibeshi’s name from the party register in Angiaba/ Begiaka ward to enable his dismissal as the party publicity secretary. Duke was able to perfect this for a number of reasons:

Firstly, Hon Emma Ibeshi had no formidable base in his ward and chapter. This made the expunging of his name as easy as throwing breakfast slops in a trash can. This cannot be so with Jedy who has a solid grip in his ward and chapter and most importantly a permeating followership from around the state.

Secondly, at that time, the electorates were just emerging from the bashes of military dictatorship and many were weary of political issues let alone staking their necks for someone they never knew. With Jedy, the times are different; the people want him, they know him and are prepared to stake their necks for him. Etc

Though Jedy is not the only one interested in taking over from Liyel, he is the most feared. The reasons are near: he has the acumen capable of transforming the state to the extent that his excellence will not only stunt Imoke and his predecessors but reveal their escapades.

He has an independent mind and will not take instructions from his so call benefactor. Need I mention that he is among the few that can pay their bills?

Finally, haven said these, I dare to warn that masturbating the process other than the normal intercourse, the normal fusion that will eventually present to us a candidate of the peoples’ chosen will not only spell doom for the PDP but will be resisted with vehemence.

Utsu Atsu is the Co-ordinator of the Jedy Solidarity Movement, JSM and wrote in from Port Harcourt

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    • 10 years ago

    Why have we look outward @ all times. The truth can’t be suppressed 4 long. U can only fool some people sometime not all the people all the time. When the time comes, illusion will give way to reality and true election will take place instead of selection.

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