Calabar Monorail Will Be Delivered On Time, Contractor Assures
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Calabar Monorail Will Be Delivered On Time, Contractor Assures

Calabar Monorail under construction

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Calabar Monorail under construction
Calabar Monorail under construction

Cross River State Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke has expressed his excitement as the ongoing construction of the Calabar Monorail project progresses.

The monorail is designed to link the new development area called the Summit Hills where the new Calabar International Convention Center is sited, to the Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort.

Speaking during an inspection of the project, Imoke said: “My vision to integrate Tinapa Business Resort which
is about 12 kilometers away from Calabar via a monorail with the Convention Center, both of which are separated by an artificial lake is progressively being realized.”

According to him, “the monorail will provide a wonderful opportunity for guests at the Tinapa Hotel and Tinapa Knowledge City to utilize conferencing facilities across the lake.”

Imoke who expressed satisfaction with the quality of work so far carried out, disclosed that “all the offshore components of the project had been fully paid for and awaiting shipment into the country.”

This was even as the contractor handling the project promised to deliver on schedule and according to specifications.

The Managing Director of Ponet, Mr. Hans Butcher, said work is progressing at predetermined pace.

He stated that the challenges of time and poor weather conditions as well as other elements would not affect
the timely completion of the project as envisaged.

According to Hans, “the monorail, an electric powered passenger shuttle train comprising ten passenger-cars and two equipment cars (total of 12 cars per train) and a seventy-eight total seating capacity will soon be available at the Summit Hills to carter for the transportation needs of residents and visitors.”

He stressed that coaches and other vital components have been manufactured and ready for shipment from various parts of Europe.

He also hinted that “the elevated monorail transport system is uniquely and beautifully designed to suit the Eco system of Summit Hills as well as connect it with Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort without compromising global standards in line with the state’s disposition on tourism development.”

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