Imoke @53, A Man To Follow BY PRINCE THOMAS ABI JR.
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Imoke @53, A Man To Follow BY PRINCE THOMAS ABI JR.

Prince Thoma Abi Jr

by crossriverwatch admin

Prince Thoma Abi Jr
Prince Thomas Abi Jr

This piece is not, and cannot be a praise song rather it is an attempt to share a thought about a man I have known for over 15 years since the launch of democratic government.

To many Nigerians Senator Liyel Imoke is just the governor of Cross River State but to me he is a man to follow and watch.

Imoke can best be described as a visionary leader, a dogged man, a pragmatic leader and a people oriented governor who has distinguished himself from many of his contemporaries.

Looking at his political career you will agree with me that the able and amiable governor of Cross River State is a man to watch and follow after 23 years in the political circle in Nigeria.

Senator Liyel Imoke can best be described as an astute politician after attaining great height politically at an early age in life. An age where most Cross Riverians will feel there are too young on impact on the sociopolitical and economic well being of the people, but Imoke distinguished himself out of the multitude to serve his people at the National Assembly as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at age 30 in 1992.

His love for entrepreneurship and creating jobs for the people of his generation saw him climbing as Managing Consultant at Telsat Communication, Lagos, Executive Chairman of Value Mart Nigeria, Lagos and Executive Director of Independent Petroleum and Gas, Lagos from 1993-1999.

In 1999, his antecedents in the business world gave him recommendation which made him Special Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo as Special Adviser on Public Utilities. He was also Executive Chairman of the Special Board charged with winding down the oil minerals producing areas development commission.

He was Chairman of the Technical Board of the National Electric Power Authority.
Following his performance in the above capacity Senator Imoke was made the Minister of Power. He implemented reforms in the Nigeria Power Sector Reform Act 2005, leading to the establishment of the Nigerian Energy Regulatory
Commission (NERC), Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

In July 2008, the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) cleared Imoke of wrong doing in the $16 billion NIPP funds.

In April 2007, Liyel Imoke ran for the Peregrino House in Calabar and the entire people of the State came out in their numbers to elect a man they believed was the best candidate for the job. He took over office on May 29, 2007. Election was annulled July, 2008. He was reelected again August, 2008.

Looking at the antecedents of Imoke you will agree with me that he is a man to follow and watch looking at his wealth of experience in the past 23 years of his political career. Today the people of Cross River State hold him dearly because of his fatherly and listening ears.

I must say that this perfect gentle man has performed assiduously well in all sectors of the State from the economic well being to the sociopolitical status of the people.

Today, the politics of Cross River State is as peaceful as ice and the entire populace speak about him with sweet savor and preach about his kind disposition and consummate leadership.

This man Imoke should not be allowed to take a bow in 2015 but should with his wealth of experience give the new governor that is to come unflinching support on how to lead the people to the promise land, the land that is devoured of political turbulence, and an administration that is free from thuggery, gangsterism, and nonchalant behavior to work.

Imoke should not be allowed to bid goodbye to the political circle but should be asked to remain close to the people Cross River State.

Prince Thomas Abi Jr wrote from Abuja

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    • 10 years ago

    H.E, Senator Liyel Imoke is a God sent Governor and a leader of all,emerging at the age of 30,he was duely elected as a Senator at the National Assembly,and of a truth, he is one of the best performing Governors in our Country,Nigeria.Infact, Imoke is my role model in politics and mentor of whom i accord so much respect with all humility amongst the prominent politicians in Nigeria. Please,i need his connection seriously because Am 30 this year, and I’am determined to run for the Local Government Chairmanship Election come march,2015 at Ukwa West LGA of Abia State.Please,the youths in our society, i charge you to sit up and emulate people like Sen. Imoke of whom God is using to rebrand the face of Cross River State today.Dont wait until they wake you up to contest for election before you will rise up,No! because ”if you dont say you’re,nobody on earth will know that you exist”.Please,lets re-direct our focus and know where we are heading to,and there is no harm in trying,even as I’am preparing myself for the LGA Chairmanship Election come next year,it is not going to be of that do or die Election,rather, it is how you will make your bed,is how you would be lying on it.More importantly,i sincerely commend the crew of this write up for their courage in writing Sen. Imoke’s antecedents in leadership.I salute you,and I’am sure you will come to Abia State soon to capture my profile on leadership.please don’t fail to call with this contact numbers;08032404971,08039553586,08179155265.thanks in anticipation.Comrade David Akoma(Abia State)

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