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Mr. Venatius Ikem

by crossriverwatch admin

Mr. Venatius Ikem
Mr. Venatius Ikem

I was again present at Hon. Essien Ayi’s empowerment program for his constituents last weekend and I felt very sad about our circumstances in the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State.

It is no longer excusable, indeed it has become an embarrassment of immense proportion to continue to hear ridiculous excuses from our representatives in the NASS on why they cannot do anything for those who either supported them into office or at least those they represent.

We watch every day as representatives in all other constituencies make all efforts repeatedly to add value to the lives of their people. From cars to small biz equipment to anything that can at least make a little difference in the lives of the people we claim to represent. I am indeed ashamed to have been a part of the process that brought some of them into office. I owe our people an unreserved apology for my role.

I even understand that Hon. Paul Adah had to appeal to the Speaker of the House of Reps, Hon. Tambuwal to help us talk to our Reps in the north to emulate their colleagues! It is that bad! I don’t blame Hon. Paul. Looking back, he did try. We must admit no matter how embarrassing.

Yet, we are the ones with tall ambitions. At the last count. Every single member of the NASS from the north is waiting to be anointed as Governor! God is watching all of you and by his grace none of you will see the light in the forthcoming elections!

God cannot allow this injustice to continue to happen to our people forever. And we as a people must NEVER let this happen again!

We are the least empowered in the state, yet our Reps make no effort to improve our lot. It is getting from bad to worst because they are foisted on us from outside by the power of anointing!

The evil that anointing has done to us in the north is immeasurable. We cannot let it happen to us over the selection of a Governor otherwise this is what we shall face when a governor is eventually elected from the north!

From chairman of Council to Councilors in the north, we are given candidates! We are even waiting that they will write the names of delegates for us in the next state congress! Our mumu Don do!

There lies the reason for our struggle to enthrone a Governor that emanates from the people so that he will be accountable to the people. Let us not make a Governor and spend 8 years in regret and embarrassment like I have.

It is fashionable to pick quarrels with key actors who support us into office and manufacture excuses in the thinking that we are “smart “. The truth is that the people are watching us. But the ladder you used in climbing up may not be there again on your way down because you pushed it aside. Be careful now how you fall.

Immediately some people got elected they announced on FB and to everyone who cares to listen that constituency projects had been abolished!

The greed to execute all projects they attract to their constituency is so pervasive they could not see beyond their noses. Yet the people watch.

We are still watching. The next election is at hand. That future that looked so far is already here.

Our muu muu Don do….

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    • 10 years ago

    Truth is bitter, but it must be told

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