Zoning Of Governorship To Cross River North And The Ostrich Game BY VENATIUS IKEM
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Zoning Of Governorship To Cross River North And The Ostrich Game BY VENATIUS IKEM

Venatius Ikem

by crossriverwatch admin

Venatius Ikem
Venatius Ikem

With Governor Imoke’s latest outburst and advice at The Ranch Resort, suggesting a new approach to his many cabinet (members) hopefuls to government house, there seems to be a flurry of activities in the name of consultation by the hitherto anointing seeking aspirants.

I even understand that one of the SANs in the race who only recently quoted the Electoral Law profusely to buttress the argument for inaction has opened an office for his campaign. I am beginning to wonder why this law officer has decided to breech the Electoral Law, thereby committing an Offence! Maybe he has recounted the days and in accordance with the Law it is now 90 days to Election day as he said the Law provides.

Otherwise I am also hoping that the State Chairman of PDP will issue the same ‘fatua’ he dished out to the Jedy Campaign office to all of them. Not that it matters to us. Just pointing out the hypocrisy that drives our success. Yes, there is a theory in gauging contemporary success that believes that some otherwise negative traits that should impede progress inadvertently lead to success.

In her recent Book titled, The Tripple Package published in 2014, Amy Chua, argues that the three unlikely traits of superiority complex, insecurity and Impulse control more than anything else have driven America’s minority immigrant groups, including Nigerians, to phenomenal success in America. I cannot agree more with her in applying the same theory to our story.

Now that we have come to the realization that we must all canvass for support let us also admit that there must be a level playing field because the world is watching us. Laying a foundation of success on manipulation and brazen cheating leads to unintended consequences, the least of which I will remind us is that the victory will remain Pyrrhic only. Nobody will enjoy it as we will continue to move from one battle to another.

Now that Cross River State PDP leadership has agreed that we can all consult, even open campaign offices maybe they should publish a list of all the dos and don’ts.

I hope that all those who have been demanding to see Jedy’s Blueprint are ready with their aspirant’s own because we have one ready and we hope to formally launch it soon to herald the opening of The Jedy Agba Campaign, as Jedy formally hands over at NNPC on Thursday.

Most importantly, let us walk our talk. It is time we stopped creating an atmosphere not conducive to free choice. We need not fear anyone if we are as formidable as we say we are. Let us stop playing this Ostrich game of hiding our heads while our heavy butt gives away our hiding place.

If we must meet with aspirants we must invite all aspirants to start with. Not doing so will amount to unfair treatment but will not stop the aspiration. It will only polarize them. The party in Cross River State does not issue forms to aspirants. Only PDP HQ does. Only HQ screens. Only the delegates will decide who they prefer at the end of the day.

If this will amount to another “Attack” on The Governor, please forgive me. I have tried my best not to “Attack” him. Just expressing my opinion only. Let me also pray that in supporting the Governor even as we all know he is not in the race, we will desist from attacking Jedy too. Or my humble self for that matter.

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