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This is a column by Ken Henshaw, Executive Director of We The People. WITTY THOUGHT is a brisk review of situations in Nigeria with intent to revive social consciousness.

Again, President Buhari increases the price of petrol, this time to N212. This is at least the 6th time this Government has adjusted the cost of petrol. He has done same for diesel too.

What Exactly Does Increasing The Cost Of Fuel Mean For Nigerians?

In a country without any type of public funded decent transportation, increase in fuel cost means increase in transportation cost. This morning, the cost of taxi and bus drops will increase.

The cost of Bolt trips will go up. Nigerians will spend more to get to their destinations. The overall coast of living has again gone up.

In a country without decent electricity generation and distribution capacity, increasing the cost of fuel means increasing the cost of access to power supply.

Guess what, this morning Nigerians will spend more generating electricity for their homes and businesses. As the cost of power generation goes up, the cost of services rendered by small and medium businesses goes up too. Your hair cut, laundry, frozen food, etc. are going to increase this morning.

Since much of the food we eat are transported to the markets from distant farms or regions, retailers will add the increased cost of transportation. From this morning, the cost of Garri, rice, beans, vegetables, etc. will go up.

In simple terms, from this morning, we are going to witness an all round increase in the cost of living. This increase will be bourn by Nigerians 50% of whom are rated as extremely poor and living in the poverty capital of the world, 40% are unemployed, 80% have seen their incomes impacted by COVID-19 and all have been affected by recent Government failures including the failing value of the naira and tariff increases.

This Is Where We Find Ourselves As A Country From This Morning!

Nigeria wasn’t working. We elected a President to fix it and after 6 years, he has made it worse.

Does it not make sense that this is a hopeless, tackles, skill-less charlatan?

Should we not ask that this failure resigns?

Or should we just wait till 2023 so that his ‘tenure’ of destroying Nigeria and making people suffer is over?


NOTE: Opinions expressed in this article are strictly attributable to the author, Ken Henshaw and do not represent the opinion of CrossRiverWatch or any other organization the author works for/with.

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