As The Cross River State Project 2023 Draws Near, Let Us Not Talk About Zoning BY PETER AGI

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The inevitability of power struggles in the State as the 2023 elections draw near is certainly unveiling jokers. The consciousness amongst the people, particularly the electorates calls for concern for those whose desire is to lead the State.

There are many jokers masquerading as contestants and, while they may be seen as noise makers, it is worth realizing the fact that our dear State is in dire need of a leadership experience that understands the current political dynamics as well as the economic insufficiencies bedeviling us as a people.

The perspective of leadership we are anticipating must necessarily strengthen our collective economic, cultural, political and social fronts. We must appreciate the desirability of the opportunistic quest to change the tides as fundamentally envisaged, based on current quagmires as realities seem incredibly unimpressive. Should we conclude that the current political discussion foreclosures are inadequate. The gladiators are not talking what we want to hear.

The assurances and capacity we clamor for are seemingly not available. Rather than examining the truth of the governance challenges bedeviling the State and drafting the blueprint to take care of the problems, what we are hearing, most definitely, is the narrow minded issue of zoning arrangement. While conceding that the whole issue of zoning is just and fair as well as posited to restore equitable access to power, we must necessarily focus on discussing the issues of governance more than ever now.

The people are seeking answers to the governance issues in this matter of the Cross River project 2023. Where’s Cross River State now? What’s your vision for the State? Are there leadership challenges that need to be resolved? What are the economic, cultural, social, technological and political discussions that need to be agreed on to push the State to the next level? Who possess the requisite leadership traits albeit capacities to be able to hit the ground running in order to take us to Eldorado? Who understands the challenges of low revenue and the situation of debt hanging around our State? How can the issue of debt overhang be addressed? What is the plan towards igniting all economic revolution to accelerate the model of governance/leadership that shall strengthen our collective interests? Who can unite the diversities in the state to build strength for greatness? Who is ready to dignify leadership in order to restore the glorious days of the past. The antecedents of the many misfortunes demand courageous leadership not jokers.

What is the current political status of the state ? Do we have realistic data or realistic economic indexes as guides or we are speculating about the current realities? What is the projection into the future? Are our political gladiators having access to information to ascertain the problems at hand? Or is the information shrouded in secrecies? Are our potential leaders out there trying to trigger, unfortunately, unnecessary sentiments particularly on zoning to foist mediocres on the State rather than looking at the issues of governance challenges?

Are we really ready to bring out the best personality with incredibly impressive and fantastic experience?. We need a leader that’s selfless rather than selfish, compassionate and empathetic. Not egotistical, egoistic and copiously nepotistic charade of misplaced leaders focus. The hallmark of the demands we are placing on that person is “a solution provider” to the myriad of challenges bedeviling us as a people. That is the point. We must not renege on this quest.

We must start addressing the issues raised as above or we might be spiraling into another political journey that might take us back 50 years. We must definitely challenge the gladiators and key stakeholders to begin to address issues that actually rest on making the State better, rather than the sentiments that may necessarily obliterate our marriage of interests to grow humanity albeit the state. If truth be told, nobody is thinking about the public’s interest. We need to know what these people have got in their blueprints. That should effectively provide the yardstick for accountability in leadership.

It must not be business as usual. Let us begin now to build strength for Cross River State. It is time to restore the dignity of our State for our good and for posterity. What a legacy it will be to do the right thing at least for once!!!

Let us reflect on the above.

Peter Agi, a Cross Riverian, is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) who served as Bursar of the University of Calabar, Calabar. He writes in from Calabar.

NB: Opinions expressed in this article are strictly attributable to the author, Peter Agi and do not represent the opinion of CrossRiverWatch or any other organization the author works for/with.

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