An Open Letter to Mr. Peter Obi BY DANIEL EKPENYONG

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Hon. Daniel Asuquo (Dansuki): The Dent In An Otherwise Pristine Image Of The Labour Party.

A cautionary exposé by Daniel Ekpenyong.

I am compelled to write this pique letter because it will be a great disservice to sit back and watch a looming disaster happen without sounding the alarm to alert others oblivious to the threat that electing Hon. Daniel Asuquo would be because according to an African proverb ‘Even if one hides an evil that evil will not hide from him.’

I am a strong follower of Mr. Peter Obi because he has shown to be one of the few politicians with a clean heart and a clean hand; which we all know is quite hard to find in today’s Nigeria. As the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, it is to be expected that all other persons seeking election under this party have similar values with their principal.

However, this is not the case we see in the senatorial candidate of Cross River south; Hon. Daniel Asuquo, popularly known as ‘Dansuki’. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of politics in Cross River will already know that Dansuki has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard–literally and metaphorically, and will be a great stain on the pristine image of Mr. Peter Obi.

The people of Cross River South know that the best senatorial candidate to represent them is Ekpo Okon of the PDP. Daniel Asuquo until some months ago was a former member of the PDP and I know both men well as I was a former PDP member before I joined Labour Party, just like my principal, Peter Obi.

However, the basis of this letter is not the assured victory of my preferred candidate or party loyalty. The sole reason behind this piece is to share my deepest concern and worries about Cross River South and the atrocious profile of the Senatorial candidate Hon. Daniel Asuquo aka Dansuki.

I must bring the attention of Mr. Peter Obi and the National Leadership of the Labor party to the fact that Hon. Daniel Asiquo (Dansuki) is a tick and a dent to the image of the fine people of the Cross River South and if not quickly taken off would put a long-lasting stain on the district, the Labour party, and Cross River State.

The Labor party is a noble party whose cause is plain for all to see and its image is at stake if the dent of Hon. Daniel Asuquo is to be elected as a senator under the Labour party. Known to be welcoming, LP may have failed to do due diligence before giving the ticket to the Cross River South Senatorial ticket to a man with such questionable character.

There have been strong allegations against Dansuki being nothing short of an unrepentant leech who derives pleasure from perpetrating heinous crimes with his company of hardened criminals who have blood on their hands. And the party would have these out if it had done its due diligence. 

Some of my sources who are respected and well-known in Cross River have even said he is one of the strong members of a known cult group and they had committed unspeakable atrocities in the past.

When he was the local government chairman of the Akamkpa local government area, it was rumored that he kept close, his company of catastrophic cult comrades who were heavily armed to terrorize the good people in his constituency and anyone who dared disagree with him.

It is said that there is no smoke without a fire and the consistency in these allegations is one to be taken seriously.

Donald Duke during his tenure as Governor was attacked audaciously on Akamkpa road while he was journeying through, his security escort sprung into a firefight to defend the Governor from the attackers who were putting on charms, heavily armed with the intention to harm the Governor.

It was a long and vicious attack, at the end of which, Dansuki was alleged to be the mastermind. People have said this was what led to his arrest, trial, and his incarceration in the Afokang Correctional Centre in Calabar.

While investigations were going on, it was alleged that a collection of several body parts and charms were found during a raid in his house in Calabar. This raid was recorded and aired by the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation.

This is not the first time such allegations have been made against Dasuki. Some of his former classmates have said that while in school in Kano, Hon. Daniel was arrested several times by the police as a result of his cult-related crimes carried out in his capacity as Head of a vicious confraternity, a menace that still plagues our society and that would benefit from having an ex-member in the delicate position of Senator.

At the climax of his treacherous violent cult activities, he was once captured and paraded unclad in Kano before he was rescued by his cult kingpin in a gunfight which led to the death of an innocent passerby after which he ran back home from Kano.

It will be at your own risk to doubt any of the things mentioned here but the stories going around about him have stayed unchanged. “Daniel is a criminal, murderer, and social deviant whose reputation precedes him with a dreadful track record which can be verified by the adults of the early 2000s who lived in Calabar and from the people of Kano state, the school authorities during his time in the tertiary institution in Kano and does not represent the tranquil, serene and enchanting demeanour of average Cross River man.”

Mr. Peter Obi, you’re a man whose impeccable integrity speaks for even in hushed circles and when juxtaposed with the atrocities of Dansuki, it not only pales in comparison but raises eyebrows as to the extent of nonchalance that would be allowed in your tenure as President.

Not only will this affect your standing as a Presidential candidate as the presidential elections and senatorial elections are held on the same day but also the integrity of our dear Labour Party which has worked tirelessly to ensure that the voice of the common man is heard, a notion not favored by Dansuki given his proclivity to use violence as a tool to silence those who do not agree with him.

This shows the extent of damage the Labor Party’s association with Dansuki can cause, which is why I implore that Hon. Daniel Asuquo not only is excised from the irreproachable party but as well as politics because politicians are there to serve the public and not terrorize them.

It is important to note that most hair-raising acts that were committed by Hon. Daniel Asuquo was done at a time when the internet wasn’t so advanced which unfortunately would make this hard for anyone to easily research but those who lived in Cross River State, especially in the city of Calabar in the early 2000s can attest to the atrocities committed by this man who now parades himself as a messiah.

Conclusively, to quote the late Osuolale Abimbola Richard Akinjide, SAN.

“The character of the people being elected is largely the drag on our democracy…”, it would be a tragic thing if the image of His Excellency Peter Obi is dragged through the mud because of his association with Dansuki who has proven to be a candidate not worthy to seat in a place as delicate as the Senate: where decisions that affect national development are discussed as it is majorly for decent people who understand that the power they wield isn’t for selfish intents and the theatrics of control.

This is why I implore the leadership of the Labour Party to look into this matter and save the good people of Cross River from the ticking time bomb that is Hon. Daniel Asuquo.

The Senate is a serious arm of the government reserved for decent, prominent, and esteemed personalities who have contributed exceptionally to the growth and advancement of building our great nation. It is not meant for despicable villains, and scoundrels like Dansuki whose contribution to the nation has been cruel and chaotic and who have infamously distinguished themselves in crime.

Going forward, I would modestly appeal to the moral sense of the national leadership of the Labor party, and its Presidential candidate, His Excellency Peter Gregory Obi to do the right thing by dissociating themselves from Dansuki, a known and notorious cultist and anti-people politician.

I hope the right thing is done and quickly too!

From the table of an unapologetic OBIdient, Daniel Ekpenyong.

Mr. Daniel Ekpenyong wrote from Ward 10 in Calabar South, Cross River State and can be reached via 

NB: Opinions expressed in this article are strictly attributable to the author, Daniel Ekpenyong, and do not represent the opinion of CrossRiverWatch or any other organization the author works for/with.

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