Police Officer Loses Two Kids In Obudu Drowning Incident
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Police Officer Loses Two Kids In Obudu Drowning Incident

By CrossRiverWatch Admin

An officer of the Obanliku division of the Nigeria Police resident along Bishiri road in Obudu Local Government Area of northern Cross River, last weekend lost two of her kids in a drowning incident.

The Police officer, unnamed is said to have traveled early last week and left the kids (names withheld) in the care of their aunt.

It is unclear when they left the compound and went to bathe at the Akasom River which snakes around Obudu and Obanliku Local Government Areas into the Aya River in Benue State.

The duo are suspected to have drowned on Friday with their bodies recovered more than 24 hours later on Saturday.

“I just came back from a journey and was asked about the children and I had no idea,” a neighbor of the mother who is also a police officer could be heard telling a community leader in video clips obtained by CrossRiverWatch.

She explained that someone had tried to fish and spotted the hand of one of the kids. “The person ran away and abandoned the net. It was later on that another told us in passive that he heard two kids had drowned but was not willing to divulge further information for fear of arrests.”

In the video below, which has been edited to remove certain sensitive scenes, people can be seen gathered near the small river which measures less than two meters deep.

A relative of the kids can also be seen near their corpses, speechless while bystanders share sympathies mostly in Bette.

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