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  • Thanks for sanhrig. Always good to find a real expert.

  • I have read the comments of UK Naija and RJ. I am quite sispured and dissappointed in your comments concerning Donald Duke. I am not even from the Ibibio tribe, yet, I can see a visionary in him. You talked about sirens blazing, pineapple plantations non-existent, schools dilapidated and then some. My question to you is if you are in the UK, tell me one project that Tony Blair and his cronies have executed that has benefitted the UK citizens including you since they came into power? DD is a Nigerian and has done his best with limited resources yet no praise? Are you not aware of the fact that what he has done is monumental in Nigerian terms, were corruption is rife? Besides, he inherited a state devoid of amenities. You are not really expecting him to transform it in just 7 or 8 years? Remember, Rome was not built in a day – so also was UK and the US not built in a day. It took centuries. What you are supposed to do is pray for leaders like him to come along more often so when they come along, they will do what their predecessor DIDN’T do -which is, to get all the other areas on to the radar of development.

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