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    while i’m not totally against the criticism of this administration’s project, but i think the critics should come up with a better alternative that will still translate to meaningful development of this magnitude in the state rather than arm chair sensational critism of something that is capable of changing our collective economic fortune for good. The writer of this article is being too sentimental and sensational. The aim should be to admonish the administration to balance development with conservation, rather than sacrifice development on the alter of conservationism as the writer is opining. Aren’t we as cross riverians entitled to good road networks or a seaport? The economic potential of this project far out weigh the cost we’ll pay as cross riverians. We should join hands with the present govt and ensure the realization of this project and not allow the nay sayers disuade us, while still holding the govt accountable. If i must borrow from Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Lets make cross river great again!


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