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    I will focus my comment on the response of Minister Usani Usani to the question

    “What were the key projects your ministry undertook in 2016?”

    And the Minister response of “For us, every project is key” is disheartening. This tells me that this guy and his ministry do not PRIORITIZE which is the bane of development in our country! Given that financial resource is limited, you must prioritize and spend only on projects that will have maximum impact on the lives of the people.

    “For those that are ongoing, even if you put the whole money appropriated to them in this budget, you will not succeed in completing the projects …” This is worrisome. Why embark on such project knowing that you do not have money to complete them?

    “But even at that, there are some projects that are considered worthy of answering to the needs and immediate demands of the rural populace.” Shouldn’t ALL projects be worthy of answering to the needs of the people?

    Show us what you can do.


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