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    I agree with the writer that lynching or burning of those accused of stealing is not only inhumane but also against the law.

    Regrettably, what these petty criminals are accused of stealing is nothing compared to the billions of dollars being stolen everyday by individuals working in or connected with the government and yet nothing happens to them! These white-collar criminals (government workers and their cronies) use our stolen money to hire the best lawyers/barristers money can get and bribe corrupt judges resulting in them being exonerated.

    When the accused is killed, the Police have lost the source of information that they could use to prevent potential future crimes. Unfortunately, even when such source of information is available like in white-collar crimes (crimes committed by government workers and their cronies) attempts to prosecute those charged fails. The action of the mob is a way of venting their frustration with our failed system!

    Both the justice system and law enforcement agencies should bear the brunt of the blame for the lynching and burning of those caught committing crimes that is going on in our society. These agencies are very inefficient and corrupt.

    The government should engage the youths by creating opportunities for them to earn a living.


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