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    What does Kingeley Ikpeme, Director General, Greater Calabar Capital City Development Authority (GCCCDA) expect from the traditional authorities in the state when he called on them “to support the new agency to deliver on its mandate”?

    For the new agency to deliver on its mandate, they should development manual that contains best practices for prospective developers to use as a guide as they prepare their construction drawings that are submitted to the agency for approval prior to the commencement of construction.

    This is not an activity for the traditional authorities which should have been evident to Mr. Ikpeme. What are the qualifications of the personnel in the GCCCDA? I hope they civil engineers and planners with experience working for development agency.

    The new agency should develop manual that is a primer for development which developers can use for guidance. This is NOT a responsibility for the traditional rulers. Without such a document, nothing meaningful will be accomplished by the agency.

    My recommendation for the agency is to contract the development of the manual to an experienced internationally renowned civil engineering and planning consulting firm(s). The award process should be competitive and only firm(s) that have demonstrable experience should be awarded the contract.

    Let us learn from last week’s collapse of the Calabar stadium that was under construction by unqualified contractor that was awarded the contract!


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