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    I’m currently unimpressed with cleanliness level of the state as it seems the state is losing it everyday. i’m also not impressed on how the citizens have become indescriminate with disposing their waste, as this has contributed in making the state relatively unclean. I just hope enough should be done in that regards to improve the state’s clean status.

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    Waste removal should be carried out from household to household on a given time and day along a particular street. Each household should be given or sold garbage plastic bags which they will use to collect their wastes and when the bags are filled they will be placed in front of their houses to be picked up on the appointed time and day, say Monday at 10 a.m..

    In fact, individuals can form small refuse collection businesses where they will charge people to collect the refuse generated by those people. The government should pass anti-waste laws that will punish and/or fine those who litter. The small businesses responsible for refuse collection should be regulated and their area(s) of operation monitored regularly to ensure compliance with regulations.

    The government should pay civil servants their salaries regularly so that they can pay their living expenses such as weekly refuse collection fees that will be charged by the small business refuse collectors.


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