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    Matthew Akpo

    The idiocy of Nigerians is at abysmal level. APC has welcomed everyone from PDP. Why take members of kleptocracy into your fold?

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    Unprinciple, upportunist decampee, hope mma giwa have read this, hmmm mr. Obla am surprise u speak like this, who were the Apc members?

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    in my opinion pdp and apc stand for kleptocracy

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    Let me be perfectly clear. I am apolitical.

    Barrister Okoi Obono-Obla wrote, “Let me tell Governor Ayade that there are clearly ideological differences between PDP and APC! APC stands for a paradigm shift in the management of resources while PDP stands for Kleptocracy. APC stands for social and economic Justice while (PDP) stands for prebendalism, retrogression, electoral roguery!

    “APC is center of the left in the political spectrum while PDP stands for center of the right and conservatism! The fact that unprincipled and opportunistic members of PDP are leaving it in droves and jumping into APC does not blur the ideological differences between APC and PDP.”


    Every Nigerian, including Okoi himself, whether in APC or PDP stands for kleptocracy which according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is “government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.”

    The contrast of APC and PDP by Okoi is not enough to convince anybody that the two political parties are fundamentally different since most Nigerians are corrupt. He should be very specific and not to use words that does not mean anything specific especially to the average Nigerian who is unemployed and has not been paid for months.

    Most political appointees whether in APC or PDP are corrupt. Both parties lack the desire to rein corruption!

    Provide us with good roads, good educational facilities, good health facilities, corruption-free governance, country where things function as they should, crime-free environment, employment, payment of salary regularly, regular power supply, good drinking water, etc., etc.

    I, and I guess most Nigerians, care less who is in power as long as our standard of living is positively impacted. Look at Asian countries such as Singapore and South Korea to see what their governments are doing for their citizens.


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